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Welcome to W.B. Mason!

Our Company

From our beginnings in 1898 as a small storefront in Brockton, MA, W.B. Mason has become the second largest privately owned workplace products dealer in the U.S. We are more than just paper, though. Our one stop shopping experience, coupled with amazingly low prices and your own client relations team provides unparalleled service to customers in 'Masonville' every day.

Our Mission

We are an organization focused on solving customer problems with personalized services and customized solutions. We take the long view on strategies that require extended periods to develop, and we are flexible to meet customers' ever changing needs. Our objective is to provide the best overall solution.

Content Resource Center

The W.B. Delivery is a content resource center put forward by W.B. Mason. The goal is to teach, share, and entertain anyone who works at a business, runs a business, owns a workplace, is thinking about owning or running or working at a business. We'll deliver knowledge about the tools you need to work efficiently, innovative products, workplace how to's, fun perspectives on office life, and so much more. W.B. Mason is proud be a brand you can trust – we will continue to hold ourselves to this standard and deliver whatever we can to support our communities.

Why W.B. Mason?

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The W.B. Mason Services Team

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Help Along the Way

Your Sales Representative

Your W.B. Mason Sales Representative is focused on fulfilling your unique needs by utilizing personalized services and customized solutions. From managing your local service team to helping you streamline your procurement process, your Sales Representative is dedicated to providing you with the best overall solution to meet your needs.

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Local People Helping Local Businesses

Your Client Relations Specialist

Your W.B. Mason Client Relations Specialist (CRS) knows you and your business. You are given a direct line to your dedicated, local, CRS. You will always be able to talk to someone in your area who is empowered to solve any problems you may encounter. Got a product question? Just ask!

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Pinpoint Delivery

Your W.B. Mason Driver

Your dedicated W.B. Mason driver knows your business. Not only will your driver bring your delivery past the reception desk, all of your items will be delivered where they belong in your office. Water in the break room, paper by the copier and toilet tissue in the janitor's closet. With W.B. Mason's $0 minimum order size, you'll get to know your driver as well as your driver knows your business!