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About Bic®

75 Years With Bic®

BIC pens are recognized around the world as an accomplishment of design. For over 75 years, BIC has created products that are thoughtfully designed to be affordable and sustainable.

Bic®’s Vision & Mission

BIC’s vision and mission is to bring simplicity and joy to everyday life. BIC created high quality, safe, affordable, and ethical products trusted by everyone. Through innovated design BIC has made smooth effortless writing accessible for all. BIC’s products are universally recognized and trusted because of their reliability and value.

High Quality & Safe
For Everyone, Everywhere

The W.B. Mason BIC Brand store is home to all of your writing needs. Here you can easily shop all pen BIC products including BIC Brite Liner, BIC Wite-out, and BIC Intensity markers. These are ideal for breakrooms, offices, homes, schools, industrial parks, foodservice, retail, state and government buildings, and commercial properties.

BIC has a complete range of writing instruments ensuring performance, accessibility and longevity. Their collection includes gel pens, ballpoint pens, mechanical pencils, highlighters, correction tools, and even dry erase. BIC offers high quality, safe, affordable, and essential products for everyone. These products are universally recognized and trusted because of their reliability and value.

W.B. Mason employs a local customer service strategy; the people helping you are within an earshot of your zip code. It is the goal of our sales and service teams to provide you with the best possible solution as quickly as possible.

And remember, you can always use our live web chat if you have any BIC, security, or general questions.

Which BIC Pen is right for me?

Consider if you prefer gel or ballpoint pens or mechanical pencils. You may also want to consider what and where you tend to write the most maybe a calendar, notebook, white board, or drawing paper. Don’t forget about other writing products you may need such as highlighters, markers, correction tape, and correction fluid.

How can BIC writing help my business?

Bic pens provide smooth, effortless writing that is both affordable and can free the hand for creative expression. BIC has the writing tools for every business and every budget. They are available in a variety of pack sizes, colors, and styles. Bic products make writing accessible to every business by offering a high-quality everyday item at a significant value.

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