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What is Bounty?

Bounty is a brand of paper products that offers a wide variety of high quality paper towels and napkins to clean up messes both big and small. They are helpful in lots of work environments and are a staple household product. Whether you stock the breakroom with Bounty paper towels and napkins, or buy them in bulk for your home, classroom, or office, you can always count on Bounty to be the “Quicker Picker-Upper” when you need it most.

What products does Bounty offer?

Bounty sells different types of paper towels, napkins, and accessories in lots of size and count options. Here is a list of Bounty paper products that W.B. Mason currently offers:

  • Bounty Basic Paper Towels
  • Bounty Essential Paper Towels: Big Rolls
  • Bounty Essential Paper Towels: Large Rolls
  • Bounty Essential Paper Towels: Mega Rolls
  • Bounty Essential Paper Towels: Regular Rolls
  • Bounty Essential Paper Towels: Single Plus Rolls
  • Bounty Perforated Paper Towels
  • Bounty Quilted Napkins

What company owns Bounty?

Bounty is owned by P&G which stands for Procter and Gamble. P&G first acquired Charmin in 1957 which then became Bounty in 1965 after rebranding the two. P&G still owns the brand Charmin, which is currently a leading bathroom tissue brand, and no longer offers paper towels in their product line.

Aside from Bounty, P&G owns many reputable brands. The company has done tremendous things putting innovation, sustainability, and social responsibility at the forefront and develops new products as customer needs and times change. P&G and the Bounty brand seek to make the lives of their customers easier by thinking of new ways to be the most effective paper towel brand on the market.

Some of the other brands owned by P&G are:

  • Always
  • Bounce®
  • Crest®
  • Dawn®
  • Febreze®
  • Gillette® / Gillette Venus®
  • Head & Shoulders®
  • Pampers®
  • Tampax®
  • Tide®
  • Vicks®

When was Bounty invented?

Bounty is a spin-off of Charmin®, which was a paper towel brand invented in 1957. After P&G acquired Charmin, they decided to do some research and found that separating Charmin into just a bathroom tissue brand and adding a new paper towel brand would result in more success. Bounty was made into its own brand in 1965 and has been America’s leading paper towel brand ever since.

Who invented Bounty?

Bounty was invented by P&G as the company’s first consumer-paper products business.

Where are Bounty paper products made?

Bounty paper products are all made and manufactured in the United States. The materials are sourced from both North America and Latin America to ensure the best quality paper towels and napkins for your office, home, or restaurant.

What materials are used to make Bounty paper towels?

Bounty products are mainly made from wood pulp and water, along with conditioners to make them soft, and a water-based adhesive to make them absorbent. The patterns and imprints you see on the products are made from printing ink, which is water based and does not contain real ink.

Parts of Bounty products contain recycled and post-consumer recycled materials, meaning that the inner tubes, packaging, and shipping materials are made from mostly recycled materials. The pulp and fibers that make up the paper products are also made into renewable materials. The 100% virgin fibers and wood are responsibly sourced from certified suppliers and forests to ensure maximum sustainability.

Does Bounty use any eco-friendly practices?

Bounty practices sustainability and environmentally friendly practices every step of the way. From the first step of harvesting the pulp until the last steps of shipping to customers, sustainability is the top priority. Bounty is Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified meaning they only use wood fiber that is harvested responsibly. The brand shows the importance of sustainability and dedication into make the world a greener place through the green packaging and branding as well. Here are some of the ways Bounty and P&G are protecting the environment:

  • Bounty only sources pulp from third-party certified lands, which helps both the economy and the planet.
  • They plant at least two trees for every tree they harvest to ensure the forests continue to flourish.
  • The brand partners with organizations to protect wildlife and restore and conserve forests.

Bounty Products From W.B. Mason

Bounty paper towels and napkins are essential products to have in any place of business. The super absorbent and soft material will clean up spills and wipe away crumbs in an instant. Check out Bounty from W.B. Mason the next time you are looking to restock your breakroom supplies, or need a refresh on classroom or restaurant supplies. Buying Bounty paper towels in bulk will save you and your business time and money from shopping for paper products every so often. W.B. Mason has low discounted prices on bulk Bounty paper towels and can deliver your order as soon as the following business day.


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