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Each move, shipping, and storage need is unique, and you need a trusted packaging tape to make sure your items get to where they need to be safely or packed away securely. From the long lasting hold of HD clear to the premium strength and durability of high performance HP260, Duck® Brand has a packaging tape that's right for every job you can imagine.
Standard Packing Tape
Standard Packing Tape is ideal for light sealing and is an affordable solution for your basic shipping, moving, and storage needs. The 1.6 and 1.9 mil thick packing tape have fast grab adhesion upon application and offer 25 pounds per inch tensile strength to seal up your items.
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HD Clear™ Packing Tape
HD Clear™ Packing Tape is a heavy duty tape for all purpose moving, shipping, and storage. The 2.6 mil thick tape is designed with a long lasting acrylic adhesive that offers wide temperature range performance to keep your boxes and packages secure. HD Clear™ exerts a tensile strength of 31 pounds per inch against packages during shipping and storage and offers a crystal clear appearance for a professional look in any application.
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HP260™ Packing Tape
HP260™ Packing Tape is a high performance premium tape ideal for heavy duty and long term shipping applications. This 3.1 mil thick packing tape offers a tough seal that strengthens over time for a long lasting hold to protect items from being damaged. This tape provides 35 pounds of tensile strength to support a package and resists ultraviolet yellowing and performs in extreme temperature fluctuations.
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Stick With Education

You're teachers and you do so much more than classroom décor and DIY projects - you help shape young minds and are the leaders of future leaders. You inspire ideas, self-discovery and exploration. Now it's our turn - let us inspire you, and all that you do.

Person using a Duck Tape  Bookmark

How to: Duck Tape® Bookmark

Level: Beginner Time: 15 Minutes

Supplies & Tools:
Color Duck Tape®, Printed Duck Tape®, Scissors, Crafting Board

Step 1
Make a double-sided strip of Duck Tape® about 8 inches long.

Step 2
Cut three strips of Duck Tape® that will be your accent colors for your bookmark.

Step 3
Layer your three strips of Duck Tape® from step 2 on your bookmark.

Step 4
Trim off the edges and excess tape of your bookmark.

How to: Duck Tape® Text Book Cover

Level: Intermediate Time: 30 Minutes

Supplies & Tools:
Printed Duck Tape®, Brown Paper Bag, Scissors, Ruler, Crafting Board

Step 1
Cover your textbook in a cut brown paper bag.

Step 2
Add one strip of Duck Tape® onto the brown bag, folding over the edges.

Step 3
Take the cover off of your book and cover three-fourths of the front of the brown bag with tape.

Step 4
Place the bag back on your book. Repeat step 2 for the other side until your brown bag is completely covered.

Person using a Duck Tape  Bookmark

W.B. Mason's Duck® Brand page is your home for Duck® tapes and adhesives. W.B. Mason's selection of Duck® items are delivered same-day or next-day at no additional charge. Duck® Brand products are designed to provide simple, imaginative, and helpful solutions for tasks around the office, home, and school...

As a B2B supplier, W.B. Mason excels at bulk-load and fast deliveries. Whether you need one reel of duct tape or a full pack of packaging tapes, W.B. Mason is the best distributor for your company.

The Duck® and Duck Tape® brands are owned and operated by Shurtape Technologies' Consumer & Craftsman Group. While duct tape was invented in 1943 and used by soldiers in WWII, the product was not available to the general public until the late 1970s. Duck® brand received a trademark in 1980 and brought to market duct tape in a variety of new colors and patterns.

W.B. Mason employs a local customer service strategy; the people helping you are within an earshot of your zip code. It is the goal of our sales and service teams to provide you with the best possible solution as quickly as possible.

And remember, you can always use our live web chat if you have a question about Duck® Brands product.

What types of products does Duck® sell?

Duck® Brands caters to people pursuing all types of careers, from educators to engineers and every person in between. Whether you're crafting, painting, shipping, or organizing, Duck® Brands has you covered with quality, high-strength adhesives. Duck® tapes are designed for both the creative at heart and the practical doers. Duck® manufactures dozens of colorful and patterned duct tapes for imaginative projects and practical repairs. Duck® also carries a wide range of packaging tapes, from standard to high performance.

What are some tips for shipping my products securely?

Duck® Brands is confident in the quality of its products. Duck® has even received best-in-class ratings for strong adhesion and holding power, but we know that moving or shipping your goods can be a stressful process. Check out Duck's® site for helpful tips on how to move or ship your items with care.

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