Clean Air

No fluff in your fresh air! Febreze with OdorClear gets to the point on odor elimination... down to a molecular level. We found four enemies to stinky smells and combined them to eliminate—not just mask—bad odors.

Clean Ingredients

We'd never introduce anything into your home or environment that we wouldn't want in ours. That's why Febreze is never formulated with anything unsafe or dangerous to use.

How TerraCycle Works

It's free. It's easy. It keeps the environment fresh. TerraCycle offers free recycling programs for items that cannot be recycled curbside—and rewards you each time you recycle!

While you're doing good for the planet, TerraCycle does good for you, too, with:

  • Donations to charities and
    nonprofits of your choice
  • Free, earth-friendly stuff for your home

How to terracycle
your febreze®

in 5 easy steps

register online

collect your
empty Febreze

ship or deliver
to TerraCycle

earn points,
get rewards

make the world
a fresher place

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Helping the World
Breathe Happy

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