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Life is unpredictable. Protect what's important with a company that has specialized in
peace of mind for over 60 years. FireKing® is a one source security solution provider that
offers a broad array of fireproof cabinets, safes, medical solutions and personal alarms.
FireKing® keeps the truly irreplaceable, truly safe.

"After the fire department extinguished the fire, there was nothing really left except for my Fire King filing cabinets…These two filing cabinets were the only things to survive the fire."
Fire Victim Testimonial
FireKing® Protects What is Important
"The house had completely collapsed and burned. When they finally let us back in, everything was gone except one car's frame and my FireKing® file cabinet. I pried the cabinet open, and almost papers, my records, the car titles...they were all okay," said Brad Messer.
Santa Rosa CA Fire Victim Testimonial