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Let's face it - you are being asked to do more than ever in the realm of hygiene and safety. With unprecedented labor challenges, operational efficiency is key to making it all work.

  • 90% of customers say enMotion has reduced the frequency with which they replenish restroom paper towels.
  • 80% of customers say enMotion paper towel dispensing systems have reduced the number of complaints they recieve.
  • On average, enMotion towel systems have a battery life of 4 years - double that of leading competitors*
  • 89% of Compact coreless customers say it has reduced the frequency with which they have replenish toilet paper
*(GP PRO technical research measuring battery life with throughput of 4 cases per year.)

What's Next For the Workplace?

People are coming back to offices to collaborate and grow careers. Office buildings need to seek smart waus to reopen. Utilization spikes may cause productivity challenges. With the right solutions, you can improve labor efficiency.

What is Georgia-Pacific®?

The Georgia-Pacific® company is a large multi-national corporation who has been serving people all over for almost 100 years. What started out as a plywood and lumber company in Augusta Georgia, is now one of the world’s largest distributors and manufacturers of paper products and has facilities scattered around the globe.

What products does Georgia-Pacific® make?

Georgia-Pacific® manufactures many different types of products. The main categories that the company sells includes building products, cellulose, consumer products like paper towels, and products such as soffice supplies, healthcare supplies, and restaurant supplies. A few kinds of Georgia-Pacific® products that W.B. Mason offers are:

  • Air fresheners
  • Facial tissue
  • Hand soap and sanitizer
  • Napkins
  • Paper towels
  • Toilet paper

What is the history of Georgia-Pacific®?

The Georgia-Pacific® corporation was founded in 1927 in Augusta, Georgia as Georgia Hardwood Lumber Company. Since then, the company has grown tremendously and now has over 180 locations across the world. Between 1941-1945, Georgia-Pacific® became the country’s leading supplier of plywood during the war and started growing from there. The company secured a facility out in Washington, and not even 20 years later made 1 billon dollars in sales. The company changed its name in 1956 and moved the headquarters back to Georgia where it was founded.

After expanding their product lines and offerings, Georgia-Pacific® acquired consumer brands such as Quilted Northern, Brawny, and Dixie in 2000. Soon after in 2003, the company surpassed 20 billion dollars in sales due to many new locations and the constant need for their products. In 2005, Koch Industries acquired Georgia-Pacific® in order to make them a privately owned company and to expand business even further.

More recently, Georgia-Pacific® has made great strides towards protecting the environment as they earned their Sustainable Forestry Initiative, received the President’s Award, and the U.S. EPA SmartWay Environmental award in 2009. In the last few years, the company has been making investments into new locations, new products, and has been receiving more awards for their successful environmental practices.

What is Georgia-Pacific’s® mission and values?

Georgia-Pacific® values hard work as the company started as a single building plywood company, as well as reducing their carbon footprint. They want nothing but the best quality consumer goods for their customers, the best work environments for their 30,000+ employees. Another value the company shares is to remain economically responsible for everything they manufacture. GP is always looking for new ways to improve the environmental impact in order to increase opportunities for future generations.

What are their sustainability methods?

Georgia-Pacific® seeks to provide quality products to their customers in the most sustainable way possible. To do this, they use specific environmental, social and governance protocols to deliver the best products and service.

Environmental: The company practices sustainable forest management, meaning they help maintain the forests they harvest from. Georgia-Pacific® is always looking to use renewable energy and to improve energy efficiency, so they encourage suppliers to adopt new conservation methods to reduce the company’s carbon footprint. GP is one of the world’s leading buyers of recycled fiber. They also use recycled fiber in a majority of their products, making their recycling program even bigger. Some characteristics that come from their immense recycling program is the promotion of recycling through future generations and attempting to be a company that leads by example.

Social: Georgia-Pacific® implements strict health and safety guidelines to protect their employees while they are at work. They value their employees and their families, and by putting these rules in place they prevent things like child labor, human trafficking, discrimination, and freedom of association between all levels of GP employment.

Governance: Georgia-Pacific® requires that all of their suppliers and employees operate with integrity and that they sustain from making deals that goes outside the law. They want suppliers to be transparent with customers and offer the lowest price for what the products are worth in addition to the time and labor that goes into producing the product. They do this to improve innovation and quality, and to keep customers relying on their brand.

Where are the Georgia Pacific® locations?

Along with over 150 locations worldwide, Georgia-Pacific® operates multiple facilities and mills in more than 30 different states. Individual facilities are dedicated to producing different types of products, such as cellulose, corrugated materials, building materials, and specific consumer-based products. Here is a list of some of the states and how many GP facilities are located there:

  • Alabama: 6
  • California: 6
  • Georgia: 15
  • Kentucky: 2
  • New Jersey: 4
  • Texas: 11
  • Washington: 3

The Georgia-Pacific® headquarters is located at 133 Peachtree Street Atlanta, GA.

What are the brands operated by Georgia-Pacific®?

Over the years, Georgia-Pacific® has acquired brands like Angel Soft, Dixie, Brawny, Sparkle, and Vanity Fair. They manufacture these brands’ products like toilet paper, paper plates, cutlery, tissues, and paper towels to provide customers with the best quality paper products.

W.B. Mason offers all categories of Georgia-Pacific® paper products from all of these brands. Purchase them in bulk for your office and save both time and money. With W.B. Mason’s G.O.L.D. Star delivery, you could receive your order as soon as the following business day.

What kinds of businesses could use their products?

Many types of businesses can benefit from Georgia-Pacific® products. Healthcare offices and hospitals, schools and education buildings, typical offices, as well as retail locations can use these products daily. Paper towels, bath tissue, facial tissue, hand sanitizer, and paper plates can be purchased as restroom and breakroom supplies and are used for sanitary purposes for places with lots of traffic.

Georgia-Pacific® Products from W.B. Mason

W.B. Mason offers a large variety of Georgia-Pacific® brands and products. These products are available in bulk and can save your business both time and money. With low discounted prices and fast delivery, your workplace can get high quality and sustainable Georgia-Pacific® products.


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