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Did You Know Towels are the
Most Hygienic Option?

It may surprise you, but drying with paper towels is
more hygienic as compared to air dryers.

77% arrow

Paper towels are critical to proper hand hygiene, as they can remove up to 77% of the bacteria that remains on hands after washing.


Jet air dryers can actually increase bacteria by 42% on users' fingers during the drying process

Dry with a paper towel and simply throw the germs away.

The World Health Organization recommends single-use paper towels in its patient safety instructions for health care workers.1

1. WHO “Hand Hygiene Guidelines for Health Care Workers”

Elevated Scott® Design:
Why Brand Recognition Matters

Elevated Scott® Design – a user preferred pattern enhancement on some of our best towel and tissue products that's preferred 4:1* vs standard towel and tissue products.

Studies have proven that the restroom matters. It makes an impression on employees, customers and guests. So, make sure yours makes a positive one. Trusted, recognizable brands help show you care, which is why we created a line of towel and bathroom tissue products with the Scott® name and logo visible on every sheet.

*KCP Brand Differentiation Study, 2019

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Kimberly-Clark Professional
Sustainable Solutions

Scott® Brand is brought to you by Kimberly-Clark™ Professional, where we strive to create social, environmental and financial value for the customers and communities we serve. Through this commitment, we provide products and solutions that help reduce environmental impact.

From sustainable forests to recyclable packaging, our hygiene and cleaning solutions provide outstanding performance and contribute to the health and safety of workplaces everywhere.

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What is Scott®?

The Scott® brand is widely known for essential products that are found in a restroom or other common spaces such as paper towels, bathroom tissue, facial tissue, as well as sanitizer and soap dispensers. Scott® products are popular among businesses and other workplaces that generate lots of traffic and can also be seen in homes. To properly supply your restrooms or common areas with great and sustainable cleansing products, choose one of the most well-known and highly prominent brands on the market – Scott®.

What products does Scott® offer?

While Scott® is mostly famous for their bathroom tissue, the brand makes lots of other products that are used each and every day in an office or other workplace environments. Here is a list of Scott® brand products that are offered from W.B. Mason:

  • Air fresheners
  • Cloths and rags
  • Bathroom tissue
  • Dispensers of all kinds
  • Hand sanitizer/hand soap
  • Napkins
  • Paper towels
  • Toilet seat covers

Is Scott® a good brand?

The Scott® brand has been one of the most reputable household brands for over 100 years and has also made its way into the bigger business world supplying large companies with the best restroom products. With a wide variety of products and consistency throughout, they have become a brand people everywhere rely on. Scott® also practices innovative sustainability methods in order to conserve energy and give back to the planet. The brand along with Kimberly-Clark is always looking for more ways to contribute to preserving the environment. Kimberly-Clark has won lots of prestigious awards on the account of Scott®, based on the changes have made, their continuous efforts and what they are currently working towards.

What is the Scott® company history?

The Scott® company started back when indoor plumbing began generating popularity, specifically in the home. Between 1870 and 1899 the Scott® brand switched gears from their original plan, which was paper products, and dove into creating toilet paper because of the upcoming need. The founder’s son took over the company in the early 1900s and came out with revolutionary items that would soon make a name for the Scott® company. Arthur Scott, the original founder’s son, believed in creating great quality items and used advertising to his advantage between 1915 and 1940. When television was invented, he was the first to advertise toilet paper in between programs, which soon generated lots of business and set the company up for success.

Kimberly-Clark, a larger corporation, noticed how well the Scott® brand was doing. In 1995, Scott® was acquired by Kimberly-Clark and business took off yet again. With new products and new ideas, Scott® is now a part of a larger company alongside many other successful brands and has been growing ever since. Currently, Scott® and Kimberly-Clark are working together to bring sustainability into their products and their mission. With the development of new products that are environmentally friendly, the company is taking action on recycling, and other initiatives to protect the planet.

What company owns the brand Scott®?

Scott’s® parent company is Kimberly-Clark, which is a large corporation designed around bringing innovation, new ideas and essential products to their customers. Kimberly-Clark houses many different brands that specialize in different kinds of everyday products and is always finding ways to make their customers’ lives easier. These products benefit people all over the world and are used in over 175 countries. Some of the other brands Kimberly-Clark manages are:

  • Cottonelle®
  • Huggies®
  • Kleenex®
  • Poise®
  • Wypall®

The Kimberly-Clark company headquarters is located at 351 Phelps Drive, Irving, Texas.

What is the history of Kimberly-Clark?

Kimberly-Clark Professional has become one of the most profound companies which mostly caters towards consumers. The company was founded in 1872 in Neenah, Wisconsin but is now based in Texas. Havilah Babcock, Charles Clark, and John Kimberly were the three men that founded the company, and all shared the same values. Fair dealing, quality products, and great service were their core beliefs when starting the company and is still included in their mission today. The brands of products that make up the Kimberly-Clark family are used in over 175 countries and are essential for all parts of life.

Does Scott® practice eco-friendly methods?

As a company that uses paper and trees to make most of their products, Scott® practices sustainability such as recycling and forest management, and conserves energy while manufacturing and distributing. The brand has also won numerous awards for their forest management and recycling efforts throughout the years. Here is a breakdown of some of their efforts and recent accomplishments:

Forest management:

  • All of the paper and pulp the brand uses is certified from the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC), meaning that the forests are responsibly managed, and everyone involved practices ethical methods of harvesting wood and pulp.
  • The suppliers who provide the fibers are producing 100% virgin fibers, meaning that it hasn’t been recycled prior to harvesting. This means that the fibers used to make Scott® products are sustainably sourced.


  • When producing Scott® products, Kimberly-Clark has reduced over 180,000 tons of greenhouse gas emissions.
  • They have also reduced their water consumption by over 33%, which is equivalent to over 4.2 billion gallons.
  • The company also repurposes about 96% of their byproduct to ensure it doesn’t end up in landfills.


  • To reduce the amount of toilet paper cardboard tubes that were being thrown away and not properly recycled, Scott® introduced a roll without the tube. This significantly reduced the amount of toilet paper tubes that were thrown out and not recycled.
  • Scott® uses recycled material as much as possible, even with packaging and the cardboard tubes inside toilet paper rolls. The cardboard tubes are always made of 100% recycled material.
  • The company also helps to initiate the conversation around recycling and provides instructions on how to do so properly. How2Recycle is the program Scott® currently partners with for this initiative.

Where to Buy Scott® Products

Scott® products can be found anywhere where similar products are sold. Grocery stores, wholesale stores, and even office supply stores sell a variety of Scott® products. W.B. Mason offers more Scott® brand items than the traditional bathroom tissue, paper towels and facial tissue. Check out W.B. Mason’s list of Scott® products to stock up your office’s restrooms to ensure that your employees, customers, or patients are well taken care of. We offer low discounted prices and fast delivery as well as bulk purchasing to save you time and money.

Scott® Products at W.B. Mason

W.B. Mason has everything you need to spruce up your office restrooms and common areas with Scott® brand products. From their classic bathroom tissue and paper towels to air fresheners, dispensers for soaps and sanitizers, as well as toilet seat covers, Scott® has your back. Providing quality products and serving millions of customers for over 100 years, shop Scott® from W.B. Mason.


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