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Health and safety continue to be people’s top priorities. In one study, 84% of consumers said they viewed familiar brands as an important signal of a clean and hygienic environment. Show you care by providing one of the world’s most recognized and trusted brands.

Soft and dependable facial tissue and paper towels

Kleenex® Brand is more than just facial tissue. Paper towels are offered in a convenient Pop-Up™ Box, with one-at-a-time dispensing, that keeps towels neat and tidy by the sink. When you choose solutions from the Kleenex® Brand, your employees, patients and guests will know you care enough to provide the best.

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Instantly elevate your restroom experience

Say goodbye to water splashes and sprays on floors and countertops without any costly installation. Say hello to a solution that elevates the cleanliness and image of your facility by dispensing superior Kleenex® Hand Towels.


Made for all the moments

For when you’re streaming a sad movie, going to a wedding, suffering through a cold and all the everyday moments in between, Kleenex® is there with soft and comfortable protection.

For whatever life throws at you, grab Kleenex®.

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What is Kleenex® Brand?

Kleenex® is a well-recognized family brand, predominately known for its facial tissue products. However, Kleenex® also creates a wide variety of paper-based products. Originally introduced in 1924 to remove cold cream, today, Kleenex® specializes in creating soft and dependable paper-products like facial tissue, bathroom tissue, and paper towels along with other health related products. Whether you are restocking facilities maintenance products or safety equipment products, W.B. Mason has all the Kleenex® products to fulfill your customer's needs.

What Kleenex® Products does W.B. Mason Offer?

At W.B. Mason, we sell numerous Kleenex® products. W.B. Mason proudly sells:

  • Facial Tissues
  • Hand Sanitizers
  • Hand Soaps
  • Paper Towel Dispensers
  • Paper Towels
  • Dry Wipes
  • Lotions

Who is Kleenex's® Parent Company?

The Kleenex® Brand is a trademark owned by the parent company, Kimberly-Clark. Since Kleenex's® introduction to the market, it has become the number 1 selling facial tissue brand in the world. Kimberly-Clark's current CEO is Michael D. Hsu, and he has 20 years of experience in the consumer product industry. Although he became CEO in 2019, Michael D. Hsu has worked for Kimberly-Clark since 2012, as a member within the American Consumer Products business.

How was Kleenex® Created?

When Kimberly-Clark began in World War I, the company became known for its development of crepe paper used as a filter within gas masks. In the 1920s, that same crepe paper was reimagined and used to create a product called Kotex. Kotex was then used for feminine hygiene products. Shortly after, Kimberly-Clark changed Kotex's composition to make it thinner and softer, renaming its new product the Kleenex® Brand.

Why was Kleenex® invented?

In the beginning, Kleenex® Brand tissues were used as a way of removing cold cream and make-up. However, in 1929, Kimberly-Clark's head researcher began to suffer from an unexpected illness. This illness caused the researcher to have many dry and runny noses. Due to the need for a product to help clean his nose, the researcher used Kleenex® Brand tissues in replacement of his handkerchief. From that point on, Kleenex® Brand tissues were used to clean up unwanted symptoms related to illnesses. Since then, Kleenex® and its parent company, Kimberly-Clark, have created a wide range of products dedicated to improving health and hygiene.

Where is Kleenex® made?

Kleenex® Brand tissues are made in South Carolina, Connecticut, Oklahoma, and Ontario. Other products are manufactured around the globe in many Kimberly-Clark manufacturing plants.

Where is Kleenex® headquarters Located?

Kleenex's® headquarters is located in Neenah, Wisconsin.

Is Kleenex®® sustainable or eco-friendly?

Kleenex® is committed to creating responsibility sourced products. Kleenex® uses sourced fibers in all its products, in addition to reducing the amount of water, carbon and waste in its manufacturing. Similarly, all Kleenex® boxes are made from recycled cardboard and are fully recyclable after consumer use. All tissues boxes have removed the plastic opening which reduces about 8 million plastic bottles a year. The paper products are also made from biodegradable ingredients, although used paper-products are recommended to be throughout after use. Kleenex® also partners with the WWF in their project called “the Global Forest and Trade Network” and have been rewarded with the highest recognition on sustainability forest management.

Does Kleenex® use chemicals?

In most tissue and towel products, the following ingredients are included: wood pulp, water, and conditioners. Wood pulp is used to absorb wetness, water is used to combine ingredients and clean skin, and conditioners are added to improve softness and strength.

Where to buy Kleenex® products?

Kleenex® products can be purchased in a variety of grocery stores, at wholesale clubs, and online from W.B. Mason. Through W.B. Mason, bulk orders of Kleenex® and other office supplies can save you lots of time and money. Kleenex® products can be found directly on the W.B. Mason website. Products can be shipped as soon as the following business day.

With W.B. Mason's G.O.L.D. Star Delivery service, orders are ensured to arrive as soon as the following business day. At W.B. Mason it is our goal to deliver quality service, therefore we actively promote our wiliness to delivery your products wherever you need it. Whether that is the office, janitorial closet, supplies room, or other areas within your business location.


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