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How Terracycling® Works

It's free. It's easy. It keeps the environment clean. TerraCycle offers free recycling programs for items that cannot be recycled curbside - and rewards you each time you recycle! While you're doing good for the planet, TerraCycle does good for you, too, with:

Donations to charities and nonprofits of your choice.
● Free engaging resources to help you collect more with your community.

How to Terracycle® Your Swiffer Refill in Four Easy Steps

No need to toss in the trash - collect your Swiffer refills. Make sure wet cloths and pads are completely dry before shipping.




What's Terracycle-able VS. Curbside Recyclable VS. Reusable?

Swiffer. Recycle. Repeat! Here's a handy chart to help you know what goes on in your curbside recycling bin, and what should be sent to TerraCycle.

Swiffer Infographic Highlighting Reusable Parts Curbside Recycling Parts and Terracycling parts

Safe Cleaning Products
are Our Priority

Swiffer® Brand joined the P&G family in 1999, and now the tagline “Swiffer® gives cleaning a whole new meaning” is known around the country. Swiffer® started with the Trap & Lock Technology that attracts dirt, dust, and hair to the Sweeper cloths. Swiffer Sweepers were released to end the use of the mop and bucket.

Swiffer® Brand has placed a huge focus on making their products more sustainable and environmentally friendly. Swiffer® works with TerraCycle® to keep the environment clean. TerraCycle® is free and offers free recycling programs for items that aren’t recyclable curbside. Swiffer® cloths and pads are completely recyclable with TerraCycle®. All parts of Swiffer® products can be reused, TerraCycled or recycled curbside. Swiffer® is doing its part in helping the environment.

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