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Tork inspires you to think ahead so you can meet the highest hygiene expectations and optimize your business performance with game-changing, sustainable, bundled hygiene solutions, award-winning services, and market-leading expertise.

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Minimize your environmental impact,
Maximize your business performance with Tork

Tork inspires you to think ahead so you can meet the highest hygiene expectations and optimize your business performance.

With game-changing, sustainable, bundled hygiene solutions, award-winning services and market-leading expertise, we are the trusted partner to help you feel in control of the success of your business in an unpredictable world.

Hygiene for all; We are dedicated to raising hygiene standards for the majority of users.

Materials & Packaging: Responsible sourcing and increased use of renewable, recycled and natural content.

Use & Waste: Reducing waste through decreased consumption and circular solutions.

Carbon: Lowering carbon impact throughout the total life cycle of Tork

Tork is committed to developing innovative, sustainable hygiene solutions that are better for business and the planet.

Today 90% of Tork packaging is made from renewable resources like paper and cardboard.

By 2025, 100% of our plastic packaging will be recyclable.

By 2025, we will use 30% recycled content in plastic packaging, and over 800 items already have it.

Tork Vision Cleaning uses the power of real-time data to optimize resources, maximize efficiency and ensure dispensers are stocked 99% of the time on average*.

Tork connected dispensers and people counters monitor supply levels and visitor traffic in your facility so you can target cleaning and refilling where and when it’s needed most.

Visit your local Tork website to see how you can get more time back in your day and promote hygiene for all in your facility.

*Measured across nearly 13,000 connected dispensers between June-December 2019, based on time per month that a dispenser is in an empty status against total time per month

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Office & Breakroom

Keep your guests and employees happy with hygienic, intuitive and easy to use solutions by Tork. A complete washroom solution for your facility:

  • One-at-a-time dispensing
  • High-capacity systems
  • Closed and protected dispensers
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Tork helps in maintaining hygiene levels and preventing infections within healthcare facilities. Keep patients and staff safe with Tork hygiene systems.

  • Touch-free dispensing
  • Effortless cleaning
  • Closed and protected dispensers
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Sustained hygiene compliance on and off the production floor with a full offer of hand and workplace hygiene solutions. Hygiene management systems with:

  • High-capacity systems
  • Robust and reliable performance
  • One-at-a-time dispensing
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Peakserve® Hand Towel System

A continuous paper hand towel system designed for high-traffic washroom, 50% compressed for more efficient transportation.

What is Tork®?

Tork® is one of the world’s leading workplace hygiene companies, specializing in wiping, drying, cleaning, and polishing. Whether it’s the restroom, the kitchen, an industrial environment, or a dining area, Tork® has products and services that can help save your business both time and money in a sustainable way.

What kinds of products does Tork® sell?

Tork® offers a wide range of products for many aspects of your business. Here are some examples of Tork® products that W.B. Mason offers:

  • Napkins and Napkin Dispensers
  • Paper Towels and Paper Towel Dispensers
  • Toilet Paper and Toilet Paper Dispensers
  • Hand Sanitizer and Hand Sanitizer Dispensers
  • Hand Soap and Soap Dispensers

What is the Tork® company history?

Tork® was established in 1968 and launched the first disposable wipe to replace reusable rags. The wipe was called “All-Tork” which was after the Swedish phrase “Torka” which means “to wipe” or “to dry.” After expanding their product line and going global, Tork® quickly became a leading brand for workplace hygiene. In 1993, Tork introduced the metal dispenser line to keep up with high demands of workplace environments. Today, Tork® is one of the world’s leading professional hygiene brands.

Where is the Tork® headquarters located?

The Tork® headquarters are located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Is Tork® an eco-friendly company?

Tork® is an environmentally friendly company that is committed to providing their customers with sustainably made products. The company falls under Essity, which is also a leading company in the global hygiene market. Under Essity, Tork’s® sustainability model is based on three things: well-being, more from less, and circularity. Here are some of the systems and impacts the company has integrated into their products to help businesses become more sustainable and environmentally friendly:

  • Tork PeakServe®:A paper towel system used in high traffic restrooms that helps people touch only one paper towel at a time. This can help reduce the spread of germs and bacteria and promote hygiene.
  • Tork Xpressnap Nap®: A napkin dispenser that helps people to use less by dispensing one-at-a-time. Like the paper towel system, the napkin dispenser allows only one napkin to come out at a time, allowing people to only touch the one they take.
  • Minimizing carbon impact: Currently, the company offers 11 different dispensers in the United States with the carbon neutral certification. This means that the emissions from these dispensers are reduced throughout their entire life cycle, starting from the raw materials until the dispenser’s end of life. Tork® is one of the first hygiene brands to do this.
  • Recycled Packaging: 90% of Tork’s® packaging is made from renewable resources such as paper or cardboard.

Where can I buy Tork® products in bulk?

Buying Tork® products in bulk can be simple with the help of W.B. Mason. With W.B. Mason’s fast delivery service and low discounted prices, your business can purchase a wide variety of Tork® restroom supplies, kitchen supplies, and dining supplies in both large and small quantities.

Tork® products from W.B. Mason

With napkins, paper towels, toilet paper, skincare plus their dispensers, W.B. Mason has your business covered when it comes to Tork® hygiene products. To save time and money on sustainable dispensers and products from Tork®, shop W.B. Mason.


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