Create the Perfect Coffee Station with W.B. Mason


Determine who will be responsible for ordering the coffee station supplies. Preferably someone who has easy access to the coffee station itself and who has a log-in to order on behalf of the company.


Use this page as a checklist of WHAT you need for a complete coffee station. Next, take an inventory of your users to determine HOW MUCH you need to order. Think about how many people will be using the product and also what people like to drink. Quick tip — take a survey!


Your coffee station should live in a central location that is easily accessible. You also want to make sure your station isn't in an area that would disrupt people while they work. You should have access to a large surface for set up and also trash/recycling. A break room or cafeteria is ideal.


Determine the frequency at which you need to place orders to refill your station. You don't want to run out, but you also don't want to have too much product and no place to store it. This might take some trial and error.