HS-1200TS Desktop Calculator, 12-Digit LCD
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Canon® HS-1200TS Desktop Calculator, 12-Digit LCD

Item: CNM7438A023AA

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  • Upright angled display provides maximum viewing comfort of the large easy-to-read numbers.
  • Display indicates the operation symbol during a calculation and equal sign appears with result.
  • PC-like keyboard touch and sound helps with accurate keying of entries.
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+/- Switch Key: Yes   Amortization: No  
Anti-Microbial: No   Backspace Key: Yes  
Base Number Calculations: No   Bond Calculations: No  
Calculator Type: Basic   Cash Flow Calculations: No  
Complex Number Calculations: No   Confidence Interval Calculating: No  
Cost/Sell/Margin: No   Currency Exchange Function: No  
Date Calculations: No   Decimal Function: No  
Depreciation Calculations: No   Display Angle: Fixed  
Digit Size: 17.0 mm   Display Characters x Display Lines: 12 x 1  
Display Notation: Numeric   Display Types: LCD  
Double Zero Key: Yes   Entry Logic: No  
Equation Editor: No   Fraction Calculations: No  
Fraction/Decimal Conversions: No   Grand Total Key: Yes  
Higher Mathematical Functions: No   Hyperbolic Functions: No  
Hypothesis Testing: No   I/O Port: No  
Interest Rate Conversion: No   Item Count Function: No  
Linear Regression: No   Loan Calculation: No  
Logical (Boolean) Operations: No   Markup/Down Key: Yes  
Matrices: No   Memory: 3-Key  
Metric Conversion: No   Number of Display Digits: 12  
Percent Add-On/Discount: Yes   Percent Key(s): Yes  
Polar-Rectangular Conversion: No   Power Source(s): Battery/Solar  
Probability (Random Number): No   Replacement Batteries: 1.5V Silver Oxide  
Simultaneous Equations: No   Size: 4 7/8 x 6 7/8  
Square Root Key: Yes   Tax Calculation: Yes  
Time/Date: No   Time-Value-of-Money: No  
Total Recycled Content Percent: 0   Trig/Log Functions: No  
Variable Regression: No   Variable Statistics: No  
Wall-Mountable: Yes  

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