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What are cleaning supplies?

Cleaning supplies are products that are used to assist with cleaning tasks both big and small. There are many different types of cleaning supplies, which can include but are not limited to cleaning liquids and sprays, equipment, tools, wipes, brushes, towels, and most importantly, your hands.

Cleaning supplies are known to remove dirt, bacteria, dust, and other unwanted particles from surfaces, floors, and other places. Areas such as desks, doorknobs, light switches, bathrooms, and tables can be popular places that collect bacteria and other harsh objects. Having cleaning products for the office can be essential because of how important they are in keeping all parts of the building clean and running efficiently. Office cleaning products are also beneficial to have in your place of business. Here are some of the benefits that cleaning products have on your business:

  • They can make your office look and smell clean: Aesthetic can be a very important factor for employees, customers, and clients when they enter a building. Keeping a janitorial closet stocked with cleaning supplies to use throughout the day or week can help preserve the cleanliness of the office for everyone to enjoy.
  • Distractions are limited when the office is clean: Some individuals might have a hard time focusing on their work tasks when things around them are messy and disorganized. Having cleaning supplies on hand for when an area needs a refresh can impact the amount of distractions.
  • Increased productivity: With less distractions comes increased productivity and happier employees. When the office space is properly cleaned and organized, productivity levels can increase. This can also make employees happier and more satisfied because the space they work in is being taken care of.

Why are cleaning supplies important for businesses to have?

Having cleaning supplies readily available at your place of business is important for a variety of reasons. Besides the obvious reason, which is using them to clean surfaces around the office and maintaining overall cleanliness, there can be other critical benefits to having cleaning supplies around.

Depending on how large your business is, purchasing cleaning supplies in bulk can be important because of how practical they are. Buying cleaning supplies in bulk can help save your business time and money because constantly replenishing items can get expensive and can become time-consuming. On the plus side, many types of cleaning supplies either don't expire or have a long shelf life, so stocking up can be a good business strategy and a way to cut back on expenses. Here are some additional reasons why your business should stock up on cleaning supplies:

  • To keep everyone safe and healthy: Keeping employees, customers, patients, and clients healthy and safe within your establishment should be high on the priority list. Having different types of cleaning supplies and equipment around the building can be important for when messes are made, illness is looming, or routine cleaning needs to be done. Most businesses have standard health inspections done by their respective states, and in order to stay in business, cleaning supplies should be available to keep up with all the cleaning tasks.
  • To attract new customers: Keeping your business clean and having enough cleaning supplies around can make a good impression on customers and can even attract new ones. The cleanliness of a business can be an important factor for customers to return, especially service-based businesses like restaurants and salons. Keep your business clean by buying cleaning products in bulk from W.B. Mason.
  • To reduce illness: Germs are inevitable, especially in high-traffic places like businesses, stores, and medical offices. Having the right cleaning supplies available at all times and using them frequently can make a difference in the amount of germs that are present. Keeping up with the routine cleaning tasks like disinfecting, dusting, and vacuuming can also help to reduce illnesses, which can impact the amount of sick time that employees use.

How to use cleaning products?

Even though there are many different types of cleaning products, there is typically only one way to use them depending on the kind of product. To find the most effective way to use cleaning supplies, look on the label for proper instructions as well as what to avoid. Important information such as how much to use, what surface to use it on, how to safely store the item, and what not to do can usually be found on the back of the product or in the instruction manual. Some other important things to note when using cleaning supplies is to:

  • Check the expiration date: Making sure you are aware of when the product will no longer be effective can be a good strategy when it comes to using cleaning supplies. If the date is too small, consider using a permanent marker to write it in bigger letters so that it is easier to spot.
  • Use protective equipment when handling: When handling harsh chemicals such as bleach, it can be a good idea to use disposable gloves and a face mask. These extra protective measures can help if you breathe in too much of the product or of it gets on your skin. Even when you are dusting, wearing a mask can help avoid breathing dust particles.
  • Do not mix products unless the label says to: Try to avoid mixing different cleaning products together unless the instructions or the label states that you can. Since most cleaning products are made with chemicals, there is no telling what can happen if two different products are mixed together. Even all natural cleaning products can have unsafe chemicals in them, so try not to take any chances.

Where to buy cleaning supplies in bulk?

Your business can buy cleaning supplies in bulk from retail stores and online from W.B. Mason. W.B. Mason offers a wide selection of cleaning products and equipment at low, discounted prices for all types of businesses. The best cleaning products can range depending on factors such as location, the amount of traffic that comes through your doors, and how often you need to clean. Buying your cleaning supplies and equipment in bulk from W.B. Mason can save your business time and money at the end of the day.

What brands of cleaning products does W.B. Mason offer?

W.B. Mason offers a wide variety of brands when it comes to cleaning supplies and equipment. Here are some examples of brands that are available:

Does W.B. Mason carry sustainable cleaning products?

W.B. Mason offers safe cleaning products, natural cleaning products, as well as eco-friendly cleaning products. If your company is trying to limit the number of harsh chemicals that are used or wants to become more sustainable, W.B. Mason has many of the green items you might need to help you achieve your goals.

When searching for sustainable cleaning products, look for the "recycled" and "green" filters to narrow down what you are looking for. With a wide selection of non-toxic and natural products to choose from, W.B. Mason can help your business become more sustainable by offering green products.

Cleaning Supplies from W.B. Mason

With a fast delivery service and low discounted prices, W.B. Mason can be your business' ultimate cleaning products supplier. Our wide selection of cleaning supplies and equipment can help your business stay on top of necessary cleaning routines and can even help you become more sustainable. Buying your cleaning products in bulk can also save valuable time and money because you won't have to replenish as often. Shop W.B. Mason for all of your professional cleaning supplies.


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