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U Brands® is a California-based company shaped by its designers, innovators, and trendsetters – a collective group of individuals who greatly respect the process and blend innovation, self-expression, and flair. U Brands® is passionate about providing unique, well-designed products that will leave you feeling inspired. U Brands® offers stylish, fashion-forward product lines ranging from stationery, journals, writing tools, presentation boards, and desk organization for your home or office.

What is U Brands®?

U Brands® is a California-based company that specializes in unique, stylish, and innovative products to help you stay organized and productive whether you work from home, or in an office. U Brands® office supplies are perfect for all occupations such as education, healthcare, traditional office jobs, as well as government jobs. No matter what occupation you have, they can help you stay up to date on all your work-related tasks. The next time you or your business or place of employment is shopping for office supplies, check out what U Brands® has to offer in order to keep everyone organized.

What kinds of products does U Brands® sell?

U Brands® sells a variety of products such as different styles of whiteboards, bulletin boards, and chalkboards, writing utensils, office tools, desk organizers, accessories and more. U Brands®' products are modern, high-quality items that will change the look of your workspace for the better. With lots of options and choices for style, color, and size, U Brands® has everything when it comes to sprucing up your workstation or supply closet in the office. Here are some of the most popular and most purchased U Brands products that W.B. Mason currently offers:

  • U Brands® Floating Glass Ghost Grid Dry Erase Board 36" x 24"
  • U Brands® PINIT Magnetic Dry Erase Undated One Month Calendar 48" x 36"
  • U Brands® Fashion Push Pins Steel, Gold 3/8" 36 per pack
  • U Brands® Bullet Tip Low-Oder Liquid Glass Markers with Erasers, Broad Bullet Tip, Assorted Colors, 12 per pack

What kinds of products is U Brands® most known for?

Out of the hundreds of great products U Brands® offers, the best sellers and items available from W.B. Mason consist of:

  • Microfiber erasers
  • Assortments of both blank white boards and ones with one-month calendars
  • Desk organizers
  • Dry Erase markers in various colors
  • Push pins in neutral colors
  • Magnets

What is the company history of U Brands®?

U Brands® LLC was established in 2014 in San Juan Capistrano, California, just south of Los Angeles and employs less than 50 people. The company was born to bring fresh designs, innovation, and a more modern look to traditional office supplies because of the gap founders saw in the current types of office supplies being sold. They thought that organizational accessories and supplies for workplace environments should have more style and innovation, since people will be using or looking at them every day. From designing quality and timeless products from start to finish, U Brands® ensures that customers will love and make good use out of these products for a long time.

U Brands® offers both wholesale purchasing and individual purchasing, which makes them a versatile brand serving many customers. The company headquarters is located at 27121 Calle Arroyo Ste 2220, San Juan Capistrano, California, and has two more office locations in Mission Viejo, California and in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. This small but mighty company aims to deliver high quality yet fashionable products for your office or workspace.

What is the parent company of U Brands®?

U Brands®' parent company is Smead manufacturing, which is a company that sells folders and other organizational tools geared towards work. Smead offers many colors and sizes of folders depending on the size of paper you are filing away, as well as accessories to better organize your folders.

Smead acquired U Brands® in 2017 and since then has expanded the commercial market significantly and has become one of the top office suppliers recognized by the NPD Group. The merge between Smead and U Brands® has increased sales for both companies, making them reputable brands with a variety of products.

Does U Brands® practice sustainability?

To help the environment and to reduce waste, U Brands® is FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified, meaning that products come from responsible sources that promote forest management. This certification is beneficial to not only the environment but has economic and social benefits as well. It's important to U Brands® employees to create products with environmentally friendly products, as they offer stationery, journals and notebooks.

Additionally, to give back to the community, U Brands® gives leftover products and inventory to local schools, and a percentage of profits go towards helping the Kids In Need Foundation.

Are U Brands® products versatile?

U Brands® products are timeless. With subtle colors and shades, you can complete your at-home office or bring a new flair to your desk at the office. Since the products are simple and sleek looking, they can be used in many workplace environments and are bound to bring compliments. U Brands® products are multi-functional. The dry erase boards can be used time and time again by simply erasing the old content, the desk organization items can serve different purposes, and the magnets can be used in various spaces around the office. Having stylish office supplies that are multi-functional can be very helpful when trying to organize tasks and meetings throughout the day.

Where to Buy U Brands® Products

U Brands® office supplies can be purchased where other office supplies are typically sold and can also be found online from W.B. Mason. With over 150 items to choose from, W.B. Mason can deliver your order as soon as the next business day, thanks to our G.O.L.D. Star delivery service. U Brands® is available for both bulk purchasing and individual purchasing, as they cater to both B2B and B2C customers. To save time and money on new workplace office supplies, shop in bulk from W.B. Mason.

U Brands® from W.B. Mason

W.B. Mason carries a wide variety of U Brands® products that are perfect for many different industries. These supplies can spruce up your workstation or office and can be purchased in bulk. With low discounted prices and delivery as soon as the next business day, W.B. Mason has everything you need to keep your workspace organized with innovative products to promote productivity.


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