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What are office supplies?

Office supplies are products, as well as pieces of safety equipment that are regularly needed and used in office settings or in business organizations. General office supplies can range from the simplest items like pens and Post It notes® to desks and computers. W.B. Mason has all your bulk office supply needs, or bigger ticket items all at low prices, so start shopping today! Some general office supplies are helpful for:

  • Keeping your workspace stocked with desk office supplies such as staplers, pens, and paper clips.
  • Being organized! Check out organizational supplies like binders, planners, and labels to keep track of everyday tasks and meetings.
  • Stationary purposes. Things like paper envelopes, index cards and notebooks are great items for taking notes and making lists.
  • School! Office supplies aren’t just for offices anymore. Teachers, parents, and students can shop top brands and products for k-12 and college level classes such as binders, Sharpies®, calculators and more.
  • Industrial purposes. Office supplies for material handling might be necessary depending on the business or field of work you are in. Items such as carts and dollies, lifting equipment, and scales for shipping can all be found at W.B. Mason!
  • Remote working. Home office supplies like mouse pads, desk chairs, printers and accessories are all necessary for your home office space.

What types of office supplies do you need?

Depending on the type of work you are in, these are examples of office supplies you might need:

  • School – Schools need lots of supplies for a successful school year. Bulk supplies such as paper products, pencils, markers, educational tools, and classroom decorations are great ways to help teachers and students throughout the year.
  • College – Colleges and universities can purchase bulk paper and printing materials from W.B. Mason to ensure that students, faculty, and staff have access to these supplies and more all semester long.
  • Business – Offices need everything under the sun to operate efficiently. Shop office supplies for things like printers, furniture, and breakroom supplies such as coffee machines, disposable utensils, and everyone’s favorite snacks.
  • Home Office – Working remotely needs to be functional yet comfortable. Employers can make sure their remote workers have the right supplies and equipment to work efficiently from home so even employees working at home can be as efficient as possible.
  • Hospitals or Medical Offices – Medical personnel also need office supplies, just as a corporate business office would. From sanitary products like rubber gloves, soap for restrooms, and surgical gowns, to computers, standing desks and chairs for the waiting room, W.B. Mason has what medical providers need for discount office supplies.
For all the things to help you succeed, count on W.B. Mason for the best office supplies and equipment.

Where can you buy office supplies?

You can find general office supplies at local places like drugstores or grocery stores, as well as an office supply store near you. These stores might offer the basics for your office supply needs, but they cannot compare to bigger businesses such as W.B. Mason, who offers bulk ordering and fast shipping.

Buying office supplies at W.B. Mason:

Just like school supplies, W.B. Mason is your one stop shop on where to buy office supplies online. There are thousands of products and great brands to choose from at discounted low prices with easy and fast delivery. Whether you work from home, run a business, or just have an ongoing need for office supplies, we have you covered!

Shopping online with W.B. Mason is easy. Simply create an account to get started and start searching for the products you need today. In addition, managers and upper-level staff don’t have to be the only ones to shop office supplies! At W.B. Mason, we can tailor to your needs and put restrictions on products or brands that employees can and cannot buy. This ensures that employees can purchase the correct products that are in the right quantities for the business to run smoothly.

Where can I find low-priced office supplies?

While there are lots of options on the market, W.B. Mason offers discounted low prices on all your favorite brands with fast delivery services. If you are wondering on where to buy office supplies in bulk, look no further than W.B. Mason. Buying in bulk gets you more for your money and the trusted quality you need for your business or workplace.

Who offers office supply delivery?

For the best office supply delivery, you can count on W.B. Mason. W.B. Mason offers the G.O.L.D. Star delivery service, meaning same day or next day delivery in selected locations, for thousands of products and brands for your office supply needs. The W.B. Mason fleet has over 1,100 iconic trucks in all sizes to accommodate and deliver your products straight to your place of business.

What is the difference between office supplies and office equipment?

The main difference between office supplies and office equipment is the longevity of the item and how often it might need to be replaced. Office supplies like Scotch Tape®, Post It Notes® and writing utensils will either run out or dry up and need to be replaced more frequently. Office equipment like keyboards, paper shredders, or recycle bins have a longer lifespan because they should last several years before needing to replace it. Office furniture falls into the equipment category, as it is more expensive than pens and paper clips. But, if you purchase quality furniture items, replacement might not be necessary for several years.

Office supplies at W.B. Mason

W.B. Mason offers everything you need to stock up your office with the essentials while saving time and money. Enjoy fast and convenient delivery services with products like furniture, paper, technology and supplies for the breakroom.

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