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Quality paper towels from Scott® help you
keep your hands dry so you won't need to
come up with any special moves.

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W.B. Mason's Scott® brand store is home to all of your Scott® items and supplies. These products are delivered same-day or next-day at no additional charge to our business customers. The Scott® brand store includes paper towels, toilet paper, dispensers, soaps, air fresheners & eliminators, hand sanitizers and more. Our products and services are ideal for offices, schools, industrial parks, foodservice, retail, state and government buildings, and commercial properties...

Scott® has been an innovative leader in the restroom and hygiene supplies industry since they were found in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in 1874. They were the first company to sell toilet paper on a roll, first to create disposable paper towels, first company to advertise bathroom tissue on television and introduced the first paper towels sold in grocery stores.

In 1995, Scott® announced a $9.4 billion merger with Kimberly-Clark. Scott® then began to shift their focus toward a sustainable future. They started by creating Scott® Tube-Free TP, which is a toilet paper roll without the cardboard tube, in 2010. Scott® became the first U.S tissue maker to offer Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC®) Certified consumer tissue products. In addition, Scott® has been a member of the World Wildlife Fund’s (WWF) Global Forest and Trade Network (GFTN) since 2011.

W.B. Mason employs a local customer service strategy; the people helping you are within an earshot of your zip code. It is the goal of our sales and service teams to provide you with the best possible solution as quickly as possible.

And remember, you can always use our live web chat if you have any Scott®, security or general questions.

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