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What are custom promotional products?

Custom promotional products are items that are customized for the needs of your business, mostly for internal marketing and branding purposes. Some examples of promotional products can be pens, shirts, hats, water bottles and custom stationary. Custom products are great to have because it helps promote your business, expand professionalism, and makes your employees feel part of a group. Details such as the name of the business or organization, contact information or an address is great to have on promotional products to give customers convenient ways to contact you and is a great form of free advertisement.

Businesses customize their office supplies or mailing products for many different reasons, such as to add value to their brand and increase the level of satisfaction their customers have. Examples of custom products that W.B. Mason offers are:

  • Business cards
  • Desk signs
  • Envelopes and mailing supplies
  • Holiday cards
  • Pens
  • Promotional products
  • Stamps
  • Stationary

How do you customize products for business?

Customizing products for business advancement is a simple process, and W.B. Mason makes it easy to design your business' promotional products from start to finish. If you don't have a W.B. Mason account, create one to get started and choose the products you wish to customize. Fill in the information that you want on the product in the correct spots and place your order along with the number of items you wish to purchase.

What are the benefits of customizing products for your business?

There are many benefits for customizing your office supplies or other types of personalized business products. Not only does it make your business stand out and look professional, but it can increase your sales and brand loyalty. Here are a few reasons why custom personalized products could benefit your business or organization:

Increase competitive advantage: Many businesses already customize office supplies and other types of products which increases the competition between companies that offer similar items. Using your brand and likeness can increase the chance for new customers compared to businesses who don't customize products.

Build customer loyalty: When you like a brand or the business you are buying from and they customize their products or mailing accessories, you tend to like them even more. It's professional-looking for a business to have customized envelopes or holiday cards when you open their pieces of mail. The logo and slogan on the products you purchase along with things like custom packaging can also help drive customer loyalty as well.

Help increase sales: Having your company's logo on your products or the container it comes in makes customers like them even more, leading to more sales. People will pay more for products that have the business' name and likeness on it and most likely prefer it over a generic or plain option. For an example, if you are putting a fundraiser together for a non-profit organization and opt to put the logo and other custom writings onto the promotional items, people will most likely pay more for a tote bag or a reusable water bottle with the name of the non-profit on it compared to a blank option, because it's not as special as the custom one.

Provides more insights to your customer base: Custom business products can help you see trends in who is purchasing your items and can allow you to see the customer's preferences. An analysis of purchase history is a great tool to use when thinking of ways to outdo your competition.

How do custom products help business?

When businesses have the option to create customized office supplies or mailing accessories, their customers and clients are more likely to refer that business to someone they know. Having customized products or labels for things makes a company look better which can attract more business. Displaying a logo or a company's signature brand on an item also makes them stand out and look more professional compared to competitors. For an example, banks all across the world have pens that display the logo or the name of the bank, a phone number, and most of the time, a slogan. Whether you are using the pen at the bank or not, you are still able to recognize that the pen is personalized to the business which makes the bank look more professional. If you walked into a bank and they did not have customized pens, you might notice it a lot faster than you think.

For another example, when you are dining at a restaurant and the glassware, napkins, or placemats have the restaurant's name on it. Those items tend to look more professional compared to a plain glass, a regular napkin, and a blank placemat. Restaurant supplies are a popular category for customization because it increases the level of professionalism and can make the restaurant more appealing to the guests.

Both ordering items online or purchasing something in store can lead you to the expectation that the bag or box you take home has the company logo and the name of the business on it. If the business' name isn't on the bag or box and is not customized in any way, it can appear plain and might not bring as much customer satisfaction than a bag or a box with the logo on it.

If your favorite chain coffee shop didn't have the logo on the cup, it might make someone feel differently than someone who had the logo on the cup. Part of the price of the coffee is the brand and likeness, so without customization to the cup the value can decrease and the loyalty that customer has to the business can change. Businesses use logos and slogans to customize their products in order to get their name out there more. Whether you think about it or not, you are marketing for that company by carrying around a coffee cup with the logo visibly on it.

Custom products help promote business in many different ways, and the lack of customization could affect the amount of business you do as well. Investing in promotional products is a great way to drive business and increase customer loyalty among your target audience.

How much does product customization cost?

Custom office supplies and other types of personalized products can get costly, and the price can vary depending on how much customizing you do to the product. A lot of businesses who offer custom logo products and similar items charge based on how many things you add to the product. For example, if you order just your logo onto reusable water bottles or tumblers, the final price will be cheaper than if you put your company's phone number, slogan, and other writings on the products.

It also comes down to the number of products you order. Some companies say they can save you money if you purchase a certain quantity of custom products which can help if you are trying to save money. Buying in bulk can save you time and money in the long run and might be more cost effective depending on your business model and the items you sell.

What products does W.B. Mason offer for customization?

W.B. Mason offers a wide range of custom products and personalized products for business. Whether you have a small business or work for a large corporation, you can count on W.B. Mason for all your custom needs. From personalized office supplies to custom business cards and stationery, W.B. Mason offers low discounted prices and fast delivery services when it comes to your business's signature and unique look. Shop and customize your paper and mailing accessories like stamps, envelopes, and letterheads, as well as folders, business cards, and announcement cards today.


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