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Employees at the Office Lost time = Lost $$ Almost 25% of employees will leave the office for 15 minutes per day if appropriate refreshments are not offered...Lost time = Lost $$.
Woman Drinking a Hot Beverage Work perks = Happy, productive employees 89% of Millennials prefer new perks over a raise at easy, cost effective way to keep employees happy & productive.
WB Mason Coffee Service Van We provide service technicians W.B. Mason offers trained service techs for rapid response, typically in 24 hours or less.
Woman Drinking Coffee We offer equipment rentals Equipment rentals are available at W.B. Mason: Renting provides a never ending warranty and guaranteed service for a minimal upfront cost.

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Where can you buy coffee supplies for the office?

Coffee and coffee supplies are available for purchase at grocery stores, wholesale stores, convenient stores and online from most retailers. If you want to buy coffee and all the supplies you would need for the office but don’t want the trouble of going into a store, buy coffee online for an easy and simple shopping experience. Just like office supplies, W.B. Mason is your online coffee supply store which offers everything from your favorite coffee machines, accessories and of course, coffee.

What coffee supplies do you need for a coffee station in the office?

For a coffee station in the office, necessary items include coffee machines, coffee and tea, additives for the beverages such as milk, cream, sugar, or honey, as well as things like stirrers and organizers. W.B. Mason offers water coolers and filters so that your office always has water to make coffee and other beverages during the workday. More items for a coffee station might include:

  • Brewer cleaning tools
  • Coffee filters
  • Coffee pots
  • Disposable cups
  • Hot cocoa mix
  • Single-use K-cups

What businesses should offer coffee and coffee supplies?

Business organizations aren’t the only spaces where coffee and coffee supplies are offered. More and more places like hair salons, medical offices, hotels, and places of hospitality are serving coffee and other beverages to clients, patients, and guests, and could benefit from bulk coffee ordering. Other people besides office employees could feel more valued and appreciated if there was a coffee station at these types of establishments.

How much should an office spend on coffee and coffee supplies?

There are many factors to consider when determining a coffee and coffee supply budget for your office’s needs. When thinking about how much your office should spend on coffee and supplies, things to keep in mind include:

  • The number of employees: You want to make sure you have enough coffee for the office and all your employees for each day of the week. To find out just how much coffee you will need, ask your employees to fill out a survey containing the amount of coffee they like to have during the workday, then create your budget around that. W.B. Mason offers coffee programs, where based on your need for supplies, you can receive scheduled weekly or monthly deliveries to the office for a more convenient office coffee delivery service.
  • Brands of coffee: You can figure out how much to spend on coffee and coffee items based on the brands people like. W.B. Mason offers brands like Dunkin, Folgers, Maxwell House, Green Mountain Coffee, Starbucks and more. So, if more people prefer Starbucks and Folgers, purchase more of those brands to prevent waste.
  • What to buy in bulk: Buying coffee grounds in bulk can save money and time when replenishing or starting your coffee station in the office. Buying bulk coffee for office needs is a great way to save your company money and reduce the amount of time you are shopping for coffee. Just like buying paper in bulk for the office, buying coffee and other breakroom supplies you would need in bulk is also beneficial for the environment and reduces waste.
  • Getting the most for the money: W.B. Mason offers hundreds of products for your office coffee needs and has discounted low prices on all your favorite brands with delivery services. We also have trained service technicians who can repair your coffee machines in less than 24 hours after the issue occurs, leaving you with happy and caffeinated employees all day long. If your machine breaks after the warranty expires, W.B. Mason will replace it at a substantial discount.

What are the best deals on coffee supplies and services?

Get the best deals on coffee supplies and services from W.B. Mason with everything you need on one site. Along with the hundreds of products to choose from and the option for bulk purchases, we offer rentals on coffee machines with services and installation. The best deals can vary depending on the factors listed above, but W.B. Mason always tries to work with customers to ensure they are getting what they need for great prices. Rentals are a great way to try out a product before purchasing it. You can rent different brands of coffee machines from W.B. Mason which includes warranties, and if anything happens to it, we will come and repair it for free, under the warranty. Another great deal is that with W.B. Mason as your coffee supplier, you can get weekly or monthly deliveries of all your favorite brands of coffee so no one in the office goes a day without their favorite coffee or tea.

What are the benefits of offices or places of business offering coffee and beverages?

Lots of offices are offering coffee and beverages of all kinds to employees for several reasons. Some of those include:

  • Increases productivity: Having coffee available in a workplace has been proven to increase employee’s productivity. Just like upgrading to new office furniture, coffee and other caffeinated beverages in an office setting will help employees get more work done.
  • Positive work environment:Giving employees the freedom to make a cup of coffee or grab a snack at any time during the workday helps to create a more positive work experience which could increase the overall happiness and workflow in the office. It also shows that the company or people in charge care about their employees, leaving them to feel appreciated for the work they do.
  • Reduces lost time:If an office doesn’t have coffee available to employees, workers are more likely to stop at a drive through or coffee shop prior to coming into the office, as well as use lunchtime and other times during the day to grab coffee. If that happens, it’s also likely that they will be a few minutes late for work, which can add up overtime. Having coffee and caffeinated beverages readily available encourages employees to come into work on time, make their coffee and get to work at a reasonable time.
  • Work relationships develop:Socializing and making friends at work can be difficult. Coffee enhances those relationships. Coming into the breakroom to make a cup of coffee can help you create new friendships and bond over work related topics.

How do you choose a coffee supplier?

Just like choosing your office’s technology supplier, picking a coffee supplier for your office doesn’t have to be difficult. W.B. Mason carries all your favorite brands and offers all kinds of accessories to improve your office coffee solutions.

What coffee brands and accessories does W.B. Mason carry?

We carry many different brands of coffee grounds, K-cups, coffee pods, tea, and cocoa. Here is a list of popular brands:

  • Boston’s Best Coffee
  • Cinnabon®
  • Donut Shop Classic™
  • Dunkin Donuts®
  • Folgers®
  • Green Mountain Coffee™
  • Lavazza
  • Lipton®
  • Maxwell House®
  • McCafe®
  • Nestle®
  • Peet’s®
  • Starbucks™
  • Swiss Miss®
  • Tazo®

W.B. Mason also carries accessories such as sugars and sweeteners, milk and creamers, cups, and lids, as well as organization and cleaning supplies. The next time you’re searching for coffee supplies near you, look no further than W.B. Mason, for everything your office needs when it comes to coffee and supplies.

Coffee supplies from W.B. Mason

W.B. Mason has everything you need for your office coffee station from coffee, tea, accessories, machines, water filters, as well as delivery and installation, rentals and more. Create an account and shop low discounted prices on coffee supplies from W.B. Mason today!


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