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Today, our goal is provide our customers with the highest quality, durable products online and in stores. From a huge collection of blank labels by the sheet and custom labels, cards and tags professionally printed by Avery WePrint to our free design software and top-rated school and office supplies, such as our popular in-store retail packs and our durable binders and dividers, at Avery, we offer every day, useful products for your small business, home, and office.

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History of Avery

Back in the day, labels didn't automatically stick. You either had to use a glue pot to apply the label, or moisten the pre-applied dry glue with water first. In 1935, R. Stanton ("Stan") Avery changed all that. His vision for an easy-to-use self-adhesive label came to market with the commerical introduction of Kum-Kleen labels, and the modern label was born.

Unmatched Technology

Sure Feed

Sure Feed technology is a unique "grip" strip on printable sheets that helps them move more smoothly through standard desktop and office printers. Avery labels, cards and tags with Sure Feed technology print with fewer misalignments and paper jams, resulting in less wasted product.

True Block

TrueBlock technology covers up everything underneath the labels so you can reuse boxes and block out markings and mistakes to get a professional appearance on the bright white labels. Reuse boxes, mailing tubes and more to cut down costs and help the environment!

Sure Feed

Ultrahold permanent adhesive is guaranteed to stick and stay put on cardboard, envelopes, paper, glass, or metal.

Surface Safe

Removable Surface Safe adhesive sticks and stays put, yet removes cleanly without damage or residue, for up to 3 years when used as recommended.

What is Avery?

Avery is an office supply and multipurpose use brand focused on selling blank or custom-made labels and templates to ensure a simple label making process for all your work or DIY project needs. Avery templates are easy to customize with a wide variety of templates, sizes, and shapes which makes it convenient for label making of all kinds.

What can you do with Avery products?

Avery offers a large range of products that are versatile and functional. From an Avery business card template for creating or updating business cards, to Avery address labels; Avery can do it all. Here are some more examples of where Avery products are suitable for all the projects in your life:

  • Wedding and large event invitation address labels: Avery has a wide variety of fun sizes and shapes to make it easy for sending out hundreds of invitations or letters at once.
  • Organization! Avery paper products are a great way to ensure that your files are organized with things like tab inserts, dividers, and binders.
  • Need to print custom brand stickers or tags for clothing? Avery print offers services for any size project.
  • In addition to collecting school supplies for your little ones every year, Avery also offers name tags and templates, so items don’t get misplaced in the classroom.
  • Create your own holiday or birthday gift ‘to and from’ cards with Avery! There are lots of gift tag options to choose from, where you can personalize and make them your own.

What makes Avery labels such premium quality

Avery products are considered top notch quality because of the premium materials they are made from. The adhesives are incredible on their own, but Avery also offers water and weather-proof labeling materials just in case your mail gets caught outside in the rain. The easy to peel labels makes it faster to get through if you are on a time crunch, and the industrial-strength labels make it, so your labels don’t come off en route, giving you the best quality.

How do you print Avery labels?

There is a multi-step process to print Avery labels, but it's simple to follow:

  1. First, you need a printer that correlates to the template you choose. Some printers are not compatible with certain labels or templates, so make sure you purchase labels and templates that work with the printer you have.
  2. Printing with Avery is simple: after choosing the correct Avery template, pick the layout you want to use for your desired project. For example, if you are creating address labels, choose one of the many address label templates and the rightful amount that you need. W.B. Mason will deliver them straight to your door as soon as the following day.
  3. Use Microsoft Word or a Google Doc to import all your information you want on your labels.
  4. To avoid small errors, make sure your printer has the correct settings on to print your labels.

After making any adjustments, print your labels and get to work! There is so much you can do with Avery labels.

Can you use Avery with Microsoft Word?

You can use Avery with Microsoft Word. In your Word document, go to the top of screen and click Mailings > Labels > Options and choose Avery US Letter next to Label Vendors. If you need your labels to have the same information on each, type the information into the address box then click New Document. If you need your labels to have different information, click New Document, then the desired information per label.

Can Google Docs do Avery templates?

Also, yes! You can find Avery labels and templates in Google Docs by clicking the Add-Ons menu, Add-Ons Search for “Avery label merge,” and then the blue FREE button where a new window will appear. Agree to the basic instructions by clicking “accept” and then start creating in Google Sheets.

Who owns the company, Avery?

The Avery Company was founded in 1935 by a husband-and-wife partnership, Mr. and Mrs. Ray Stanton Avery as Kum Kleen Products. The company was later incorporated in 1946, merging with Dennison Manufacturing, later known as Avery Dennison. The company was founded in Los Angeles, California and is now a part of the Fortune 500. In 2013, Avery Dennison’s Office and Consumer Products division was bought out by CCL Industries Inc. and was renamed to Avery Products Corporation. Avery is now the multinational manufacturer and distributor for self-adhesive products, where Mitchell Butier has been the CEO since 2016.

Where are Avery products made?

Avery paper products are made worldwide, with manufacturing facilities in over 40 countries. All their products are made with cutting edge technology to ensure that you get the quantity and quality needed for your projects.

Is Avery an American company?

While Avery products are manufactured in countries across the globe, the company itself was founded in America.

Where is Avery headquartered?

Avery is headquartered in Glendale, California, but have corporate offices in Toronto, Canada and Framingham, Massachusetts. Avery is home to label materials, apparel branding labels, tags, tickets, specialty adhesive tapes and more.

Avery Products from W.B. Mason

At W.B. Mason, we have all things Avery to assist you in all your label making needs. From custom labels and organization tools, to greeting cards, we have you covered. We offer a wide range of options at low prices, as well as fast shipping to ensure you get what you need, when you need it.

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