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What are classroom supplies?

Classroom supplies are items that are used in a classroom setting by both students and teachers. These items can range depending on the grade level of the students, their abilities, and by the subject matter being taught. Teachers use these materials and products every year to help students learn and can be seen as important, even essential tools for educational development. Classroom supplies can also be useful for organization, time management, and other fundamental skills encouraging a successful school year.

What kinds of supplies should every classroom have?

Classrooms should be equipped with classroom furniture such as desks and chairs, along with tables for group work. Organization for arts and crafts items, writing instruments, and paper for printing worksheets onto are essential as well. Classrooms should also have dry erase boards for both the wall and for individual use, along with different colors of dry erase markers and erasers. Folders, binders, and file storage cabinets for teachers are helpful for keeping information safe and organized, as well as bins and storage for educational activities and toys, depending on the age of the students.

Where can you buy teacher supplies?

Teaching supplies can be found at major retailers as well as on teacher supply websites. W.B. Mason has a large selection of teacher supplies for the classroom, and products for classroom management as well. Buying bulk classroom supplies is a great way for teachers and schools to save money while also saving time on shopping for supplies before the school year begins. We offer fast and easy delivery services and all the brands you know and love to help your students learn and grow.

What kinds of supplies do teachers need?

The same way any type of business needs a variety of office supplies, teachers need a variety of school supplies both for the students and for themselves. Depending on what the school provides teachers in terms of supplies for the classroom, teachers may need to purchase their own supplies to use throughout their career. Here are some essential classroom teaching supplies for teachers:

  • Binders, folders, organization methods, and calendars
  • Kleenex, paper towels, napkins, and other household items that can be used for cleaning up after students
  • Disinfectant spray, wipes, and hand sanitizer
  • Glue sticks, scissors, markers, pencils, and pens
  • Books and book organizers or shelves
  • Stickers and other incentives for students based on age
  • Velcro or magnet strips
  • Dry erase markers in a variety of colors
  • Snacks for both students and teachers
  • Coffee machine and coffee supplies

What supplies should first year teachers buy?

As a first-year teacher, there are lots of things to buy to set up your first classroom for a successful year. Most schools have a budget for school classroom supplies, but teachers do spend their own money for additional items. Here are some popular items for a first-year teacher to purchase before setting up their first room:

  • Decorations, posters, and bulletin board supplies
  • Storage bins for classwork, important papers, and assignments
  • Coffee machine, mini refrigerator, snacks, and gum
  • Mailboxes, folders, and other organization methods
  • Indoor recess games and activities (for elementary school aged children)
  • Arts and craft items
  • Charts for different educational purposes
  • Name tags

What are the different types of teacher and classroom supplies?

There are many different types of teacher and classroom supplies based on the age groups you are teaching. A kindergarten classroom is going to look a lot different than a high school classroom, but teachers of all grade levels are going to need basic items to stay organized and manage their classrooms. Here are some essential classroom teaching supplies based on age groups:

  • Preschool & Kindergarten
    • Toys and blocks
    • Puzzles, basic numbering, and ABC games
    • Coloring materials
    • Arts and craft supplies
    • Colorful rug
    • Books
  • Grades 1–5
    • Math games
    • Graph paper
    • Dry erase boards
    • Construction paper
    • Classroom decorations
    • Books
  • Grades 6–8:
    • Lined paper
    • Electric pencil sharpener
    • Posters, infographics, maps, other wall decorations
    • Assignment baskets
    • File storage units
    • Books
  • Grades 9–12:
    • Cell phone pocket chart
    • Assignment baskets
    • Wall decorations pertaining to the subject
    • Three-hole punch
    • Basic calculators
    • Dry erase markers
    • Lab safety equipment
    • Books

Can anyone shop at a teacher supply store?

You don’t have to be a teacher to shop at a teacher supply store; anyone can shop for school supplies due to their versatility. School supply stores often have supplies needed for an office or another type of business, and lots of school supplies can double as arts and crafts to stash away for a rainy day, or to help your small business take off. If you have a home daycare, W.B. Mason can be helpful when shopping for educational toys and games, as well as incentives, classroom furniture, and bulk arts and crafts items.

What supplies do schools provide for teachers?

Depending on your location, the type of school, and the school’s budget, schools provide most classroom essentials such as desks and chairs, the teachers desk, technology such as computers and smart boards. They also allocate a certain amount of money per teacher to purchase basic supplies for the classroom like paper, writing instruments, crayons, markers, activities, games, and more. Sometimes the supplies are shared amongst multiple teachers or are a collection of items that a teacher has gotten over time to use each year.

Where can you find the best prices on teaching supplies?

School supplies can be expensive, especially having to get new things each year. W.B. Mason has discounted low prices on school supplies and everything a teacher needs, no matter the age group they are teaching. Buying school supplies in bulk saves time and money each year and can help reduce the stress of buying school supplies for an entire school of classrooms, or just one classroom.

How much does it cost to set up a classroom?

It doesn’t matter if you build your school supply stash over time or do one giant purchase, it’s still going to cost some money. Purchasing bulk supplies once or twice per year is more cost-effective and buying quality items such as decorations and storage items that will last years can also be more cost-efficient. General costs depend on different factors such as your location and grade level, but to set up a classroom, amounts can range from a few hundred dollars to up to $1,000 per year. Most schools and districts have a budget where teachers can submit a request for an item or multiple items for their classroom. While it’s difficult to not spend their own money on supplies for their classroom, most teachers do.

School supplies at W.B. Mason

The next time you are searching for a teacher supply store near you, think no further than W.B. Mason. W.B. Mason is your online classroom supplies store for everything you need for school. We offer low discounted prices and fast delivery services on all of your favorite brands such as Crayola, Hammermill, Elmer’s, Expo, and more. Buy bulk school supplies today by simply creating an account to start shopping.


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