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What is technology?

Technology can be referred to as an idea or as physical things or inventions used to make everyday tasks and jobs easier. Technology as an idea is defined as applying new knowledge, skills, or methods for scientific advancement or to existing inventions to make jobs simpler and more efficient on time.

Physically, technology can be known as machinery, tools, electronics, or equipment that were developed to make tasks easier and more efficient. Technology is always changing and advancing as the world evolves and will continue to help make businesses run smoother with the latest technology products.

What are some examples of technology and electronics?

Some immediate examples of office technology and electronics are computers, smartphones, desktops and monitors, and the accessories to go with those items like chargers, headphones, and keyboards. When you shop bulk technology equipment for business, you are also shopping for office supplies because technology, like the previously mentioned items is essential for running a business nowadays, no matter what industry you are in.

Technology products that have advanced over time can include restaurant supplies, such as refrigerators, ovens, laundry machines, cooking equipment, medical supplies and so much more. Examples of electronics include televisions, smartphones, cameras and lenses, and headphones. Nowadays, you need electronics like these just like you need regular school supplies, because they make doing homework, schoolwork and teaching much easier and more efficient. People who work remotely also benefit from these pieces of technology to do their jobs proficiently from a different setting.

Where can you buy technology and electronics?

You can buy technology online or in stores based on how badly you need the item. Many retailers carry the basics in technology and tech equipment, but W.B. Mason offers a wide range of products from laptops and desktops, printers, data storage, computer accessories, televisions, speakers and so much more. The next time you are thinking of where to buy technology, look no further than W.B. Mason for all your favorite brands at great prices. If you can’t find an electronics store near you, consider W.B. Mason for your technology solutions, we have fast and reliable delivery to help keep your business running smoothly.

What popular brands of technology does W.B. Mason carry?

W.B. Mason carries lots of great brands of electronics and technology supplies, some top brands being HP, Logitech, Tripp Lite, and Lexmark. Here are some examples of the brands we carry for the different categories of technology:

  • Computers and Monitors:
    • HP
    • Lenovo
    • Acer
    • Samsung
    • ASUS
  • Printers and Multi-function machines:
    • HP
    • Xerox
    • Brother
    • Lexmark
    • Canon
    • Epson
  • Mice, Keyboards and Accessories:
    • HP
    • Logitech
    • Adesso
    • Seal Shield
    • Acer
    • Kodak
    • Samsung
  • Calculators:
    • Texas Instruments
    • Canon
    • HP
    • Victor
    • Sharp

What pieces of technology do you need in an office?

Besides office furniture like desks and chairs, the most vital pieces of technology for your office are most likely computers, printers, scanners, and shredders. Besides these items, an office would run more efficiently with additional pieces of technology used to elevate and organize your everyday business tasks. Equipment such as headsets for virtual calls, data storage devices to keep all your files and information organized, and the latest software to ensure that your company has the best resources available are all examples of technology you need in the office. Technology has become an essential part of our everyday lives and is necessary in any line of work, making all these pieces of equipment technology vital for all types of jobs.

What are advantages to using technology in business?

There are many different advantages to using technology in business. Here are some ways more modern and up-to-date technology could benefit your company:

  • Saves time: Technology is known for saving time and making everyday tasks quicker. Think of how older computers take more time to load webpages, or how frustrating it was to search for a file or piece of information and not have the ability to organize or track them. Newer and more updated computers are faster and save lots of time, making them better for business.
  • Saves money: Even though new technology pieces aren’t cheap; they do save money in the long run. If your company doesn’t have good technology to do business with, it will take longer to do basic things which costs the company more money over time.
  • A plethora of information at your fingertips: If we didn’t have technology, we wouldn’t be able to search for solutions to problems. Think of how many times a day you search for something relating to the project you are working on. You usually get an answer or common answers very quickly. That is thanks to technology and the advancements we’ve had over the years. The Internet is pretty amazing and can be used to our advantage at work and for the benefit of your business.
  • Communication: What did we do without smartphones or instant messaging before technology? For your business to thrive, communication technology needs to be an extremely important aspect and have value to your company. Every day, whether you work from home or are in the office, you communicate with co-workers all the time. For everyone to be on the same page and know what’s going on, communication, that is brought to us by technology, needs to be efficient which will in turn, benefit business and the company.
  • Improves productivity: New and innovative technology can increase the productivity of employees in many ways. One being flexible and remote working. Now that businesses are giving employees more freedoms for when and how they get their work done, it has increased productivity and overall work enjoyment.

Shop technology and electronics at W.B. Mason

W.B. Mason offers everything you need for your business that has to do with technology. From monitors to chargers and everything in between, we have the brands you love at great prices with fast and easy delivery services. Look no further than W.B. Mason for all your technology solutions. Open an account and start shopping today!


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