What is the use of computers in business?

Computers and all kinds of technology these days are vital for doing business in many different industries. They help us with basic tasks and tremendously reduces the time it would take to manually do things. Computers help us communicate through e-mails, customer support, and online chat applications to make business more convenient and efficient. We can access the Internet through computers to answer questions relating to any subject and are essential in doing market research for business-related tasks. Along with that, remote work has gotten popular over the last few years and computers have become even more important for businesses and organizations so that employees can work from home. Computers of all kinds are essential to any industry because without them, simple tasks would take longer, and business wouldn’t be as efficient as it is today.

What computer is best for business?

While there are hundreds of great options for computers, you need to think of the best option for what suits your business. Computers and all the accessories to go with them can be expensive, but the best computers for business are the fastest, have longer lasting batteries and can store a lot of files. At the end of the day, you want to make sure your employees are working on the most reliable and efficient computers that are sustainable and last a long time. Some top laptops and desktops for business that W.B. Mason offers includes:

Desktops and Monitors:

  • HP Business
  • HP Elite Display
  • HP EliteDesk 800
  • ViewSonic® Value


  • HP Chromebook
  • HP ZBook
  • Lenovo ThinkPad

What size computer do I need for a business?

The size of your business computer whether it’s a desktop or a laptop can depend on the industry you are in, as well as the size of your business and the functions you want out of the computer. If you have employees in various locations and need them to be able to work on the go, go with laptops. Laptops are great because they are more lightweight, easy to carry and are portable. If your company takes a lot of business trips or is flexible on allowing employees to take their work anywhere, laptops are your best bet compared to a desktop computer.

If your employees spend most of their work time in the office and at a desk, desktop computers would probably be better since the screen is bigger, they often have better storage, and are most likely cheaper than laptops. Business desktops are also easier to fix if there is a hardware problem because the materials are readily available at retailers. Laptops can be more difficult to fix, as most people need to send them off to be repaired or bring it into a store to get it fixed.

What type of computer is used by small businesses?

Small businesses can be successful using either laptops or desktops, but it’s all a matter of preference and can depend on the location from which you are working from. If your employees want to be able to work from anywhere, laptops would be a better choice than a desktop, and vice versa for a desktop computer. Small business computers can range based on the employer’s preference and the software that is available on the computer.

If you need a computer for basic functions such as emailing and managing finances, a great option would be the HP ZBook Studio 15.6" because it’s lightweight and can perform basic functions needed for a small business.

For more creative work that may require more data and memory, you might be interested in something like the HP Z8 Workstation which comes with a 32GB memory and can run for hours at a time. For example, a medical facility would need a more robust computer that can sustain and manage the patient data that is entered into it, as well as a graphic designer would need extra data to save their designs.

A restaurant on the other hand, could have a more basic computer model for things such as emailing, bookkeeping, inventory ordering and doesn’t need their computer to have a large memory like a medical facility would. At the end of the day, the computer you need for your small business depends on what functions you perform, and W.B. Mason has plenty of options for whatever tasks you need your computer to carry out.

How have computers changed business?

Computers have changed the business industry tremendously. It can be rare that a business operates without some sort of computer because of how much they help us. A lot of businesses cannot do without basic technology such as computers or printers, because of how versatile and helpful they are with everyday tasks. Our world would be different without them, and tasks such as sending emails, browsing the web, and doing market research would be much more difficult. Every industry uses computers in some capacity; they are how we keep track of things, communicate with associates, and even advertise and use social media to sell products and services.

How do you select a computer for your employees?

Just like selecting the proper office furniture for your space, you want to make sure you purchase the right computers for your business. There are a lot of factors to take into consideration when buying bulk computers for your employees, here are a few:

  • Battery life
  • Computer and laptop accessories
  • Functionality
  • Size
  • Software
  • Storage

What is the difference between a home computer and a business computer?

While you may not think there are many differences between a business computer and a home computer, there are a few contrasting details that distinguish one from the other. Office computers that are used for business purposes are meant to be used at a higher capacity because they have larger memories than home computers normally do. They also have more security and restrictions based on regulations the company may have for their employees.

If you intend on purchasing computers for business, the hardware can be customized to what you need the computer to be able to do. Home computers are manufactured in large quantities because they are used for more simple tasks and don’t need to be equipped with all the applications a business computer needs to have. Home computers are usually meant for the whole family and has basic applications for things like checking emails, homework, printing, and online shopping. Business computers are for more advanced tasks that a trained professional does daily and are meant to be used for hours at a time.

What are the top computer brands for business?

Some of the most popular computer brands that businesses tend to lean towards for staff computers are HP, Lenovo, Apple, Acer, Dell, and Microsoft among others. Businesses like to rely on these brands because of their long-lasting battery, data security, their durability and ability to last for years at a time, reliability, and flexibility. These are important characteristics for your business computer to have and are reasons why businesses tend to rely on these brands of computers for their employees to use.

What computer brands does W.B. Mason offer?

W.B. Mason carries all sorts of computer and accessory brands to help you with make your bulk computer purchase easier. Brands like HP, 3M, Lenovo, Acer, Flash Furniture, Tripp Lite and more are available from W.B. Mason. Just like office supplies, W.B. Mason has a wide variety of desktops, laptops, hardware, and accessories at discounted low prices and a fast delivery service to help ensure that your employees have the best computer to fit your business’ needs. The next time you are wondering where you can buy computers and accessories in bulk, think no further than W.B. Mason for the best computer for business.


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