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What is considered restaurant supplies and equipment?

Restaurant supplies and equipment are the items needed to fully ‘furnish’ and set up a restaurant with the pieces and products to effectively do business. Items that are considered under the umbrella of supplies and equipment for restaurants range from silverware and cutlery all the way up to commercial grade refrigerators, freezers, and other large appliances.

What kinds of equipment do restaurants need?

Depending on the size and type of restaurant you are buying for, equipment needs may vary. Most restaurants need food service supplies such as glassware, cookware, disposable products, and small wares.

For equipment supplies, most restaurants need refrigerators, freezers, and appliances such as blenders, microwaves, and prep stations of sorts. Restaurants that serve Italian food need supplies like pizza boxes, and equipment such as pizza cutters and rolling pins, pasta attachments and large pots and pans for cooking sauce. Mexican restaurants might need items to make homemade tortillas for tacos, and margarita glasses for creative concoctions. Chinese restaurants need woks and wok shovels to sauté, as well as the classic Chinese take-out boxes.

How do you buy restaurant equipment?

When setting up or upgrading a restaurant of any kind, you might need some new equipment and supplies to help make the transition smoother. To purchase restaurant equipment, you need to search for commercial equipment that would make sense with the type of restaurant you are buying for. Things like type of cuisine, location, customer volume, or the size of your kitchen should be taken into consideration, along with the sophistication level of the establishment.

  • If you need equipment for cooking and food storage, you should search for commercial grade fryers, stove tops, refrigerators, ovens, etc.
  • If you need supplies to serve food on or for carry out, you should search for items like plates, silverware, disposable containers for leftovers, or portion cups and lids.
  • If you need items to cook with, check out utensils like tongs, ladles, and spatulas, as well as pots and pans of all sizes.
  • If you need items for the tabletop, search for condiments and condiment holders, tablecloths, packet holders, and shakers for things like salt and pepper.

Remember: running or opening a restaurant of any type can get pricy. Make sure to do your research to find the products you need while staying within your budget, and by reading reviews. It’s also always a good idea to invest in high quality products that will last longer, rather than just purchasing the cheapest option. There are so many great options and quality brands with great prices at W.B. Mason!

Where do restaurants get their supplies from?

You may be wondering, ‘where can you find restaurant supplies?’ Well, just like buying office supplies, restaurant owners or managers can purchase equipment and supplies from businesses like W.B. Mason, where we offer low prices and convenient delivery services. If your restaurant is looking for a restaurant supplier near you or is running low on supplies, check out W.B. Mason’s wide variety of brands, sizes, and styles of equipment and supplies. We have everything you need to service your unique restaurant.

What can you buy at a restaurant supply store?

Restaurant supply stores carry a wide variety of options for all your restaurant supply needs. Here is a list of suggested items to purchase when opening or upgrading your restaurant:

  • POS systems: the backbone of the restaurant.
  • Commercial grade refrigerators, sinks, fryers and ovens.
  • Coffee makers, and other small appliances like microwaves, and blenders.
  • Serve wares such as plates, utensils, glassware, carry out containers, and tabletop serving tools.
  • Cookware, ice makers, food warmers and paper products.
  • Cleaning and sanitization products such as mops, brooms, soap, and disinfectant cleaners.
  • Condiments and bulk sized baking and cooking ingredients.

What supplies or equipment would a food truck need in order to operate?

To operate a food truck, you need to have foodservice equipment, but not as much compared to a whole restaurant and full-sized kitchen. Food trucks have limited space, so you want to make sure you get the essentials that will help you get food to your customers quickly and efficiently. Equipment such as fryers, ovens, stovetops, and technology such as a POS system are necessary, as well as serving supplies like paper plates, plastic cups and utensils, and disposable carry out containers. Your food truck needs are all dependent on the type of food you serve, so check out W.B. Mason’s offerings to find all the essentials.

Can anyone shop at a restaurant supply store?

While many restaurant supply stores only sell to businesses or only sell in bulk, W.B. Mason sells foodservice equipment & supplies to both B2B and B2C. All you need to do is create an account and start shopping!

How much does it cost to buy restaurant equipment?

The cost of buying restaurant equipment varies depending on location, budgets, preference etc., but if you are looking to purchase the most common restaurant equipment and supplies to get you started, the price would probably range from $40,000-$200,000. Items such as commercial refrigerators, ovens, ice makers and prep stations are quite expensive, as well as bulk supplies. W.B. Mason offers discounted pricing for all your restaurant equipment & supply needs, as well as fast and easy delivery services brought straight to your door or place of business.

Do restaurants need to have commercial restaurant equipment?

Most of the time, restaurants do need to have and use commercial restaurant equipment because it makes more sense overall. The commercial equipment will last longer than regular equipment that is used in most households especially since it’s made to be and will be used more often.

How to tell if a restaurant equipment is commercial grade?

In order to know if restaurant equipment is commercial grade, it will depend on a few things:

  • The piece of equipment needs to be easy to take apart for cleaning and facilities maintenance purposes.
  • The surfaces need to be smooth and non-porous; meaning liquids or air cannot get through it.
  • The piece of equipment needs to be free of things that would cause and grow mold for safety reasons.
  • The NSF International certification mark or another kind of certification needs to be on the appliance or piece of equipment. This means it has undergone the most testing; meaning it has the commercial grade and is safe to serve food from.
  • The warranty. For the most part, restaurant equipment pieces will include a warranty that if something happens to the item, it can be repaired or replaced depending on the condition and cause of concern.

What does W.B. Mason offer for restaurant supplies and equipment?

W.B. Mason offers a wide range of restaurant equipment and supplies needed to start or upgrade a restaurant. We carry items as small as light bulbs and silverware all the way up to items such as commercial grade food prep stations and quality stainless steel pots and pans. For fast delivery and discounted products that you can’t find at other restaurant supply stores, you can count on W.B. Mason to have what you need, and when you need it.

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