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Why Choose Hammermill®?

What is Hammermill® paper?

Hammermill® is a brand of paper that offers different types and sizes of copy paper, premium paper, and multi-purpose paper for all your printing needs. Hammermill® claims that their products are 99.99% JAM-FREE® and are tested to ensure they have the best quality. W.B. Mason offers Hammermill® paper at discounted low prices with convenient delivery services for all your printing needs, and even offers Hammermill® recycled paper for a more environmentally friendly option.

What is the history of Hammermill®?

The Hammermill® paper company history is just like its brand: not complicated. The company was founded in 1898 by the Behrend family and was called the Ernst R. Behrend Company. It was later purchased in 1986 by the International Paper Company and quickly became known for its premium quality. In 2021, the Hammermill® brand was sold to Sylvamo Corporation as part of International Paper Company’s spin-off of their global printing papers business. Their mission for sustainable forest management started when the company was born, and now includes recycled paper as an option for purchase. Hammermill® focuses on putting the customers first, and only offers the best and most efficient paper products to ensure all your printing needs are met.

What paper products does Hammermill® offer?

Hammermill® paper offers different sizes of and types of copy paper, with a variety of options for weights, brightness, color, and more. Here is the list of Hammermill copy paper:

  • Premium Color Copy
  • Premium Color Copy Cover
  • Premium Laser Print
  • Premium Multi-purpose
  • Fore® multi-purpose
  • Premium Inkjet Laser
  • Copy Plus®
  • Tidal®
  • Copy
  • Colors
  • Great White® 30
  • Premium Cardstock

Where is Hammermill® paper made?

Hammermill® products are made in the Unites States, and the headquarters are in Memphis, Tennessee. The Hammermill® brand prides itself on being made in the U.S.A. and having a stainable and economically friendly paper making process that also benefits the economy.

How is Hammermill® paper environmentally friendly?

Hammermill® paper prides itself on being an economically friendly paper company, where a percentage of their paper is made from recycled paper. W.B. Mason offers the recycled Hammermill® products at low prices with fast delivery services; an easy way to give back to the earth while purchasing office and school supplies.

The importance of recycled paper and forest sustainability:

Hammermill® recycled paper is sourced from working forests that ensure land for future generations. Each year, Hammermill® plants trees to harvest and regrow for future usage, which also provides economic incentives to the forest owners, as Hammermill® will continue to buy wood from these forests. The recycled paper the company uses for its products helps to cut down on the number of trees they cut down to keep the forests and its ecosystem healthy. Keeping forests sustainable and plentiful provides jobs to millions of people, and the tinning of the trees provides food and shelty to wildlife. The chance of wildfire is also reduced due to the removing of the underbrush that comes from the trees.

Where can you buy Hammermill® paper?

Hammermill® paper is available from different retailers and from W.B. Mason. W.B. Mason offers everything for your printer and paper needs, while providing discounted prices with fast and easy delivery. Shop W.B. Mason for Hammermill® business paper for work, home or school.

Where can you buy recycled Hammermill® paper?

Sylvamo, the parent company of Hammermill®, prides itself on their recycled products and sells recycled paper to maintain forest sustainability. W.B. Mason sells the Hammermill® recycled paper in efforts to help the environment for years to come.

How the paper recycled and used again:

Certain types of Hammermill® paper products are made with renewable recourses from third-party certified, sustainably managed forests and recycled pulp. Hammermill® also focuses on responsible forest management and partners with brands like the American Forest & Paper Association to ensure forest sustainability for years to come. Using recycled paper will help to reduce our carbon footprint and make the earth become a little healthier, one step at a time.

How much does Hammermill® paper cost?

Just like brand name office supplies, paper prices are different as well. Depending on the product or type of paper, prices may vary. For one ream of Hammermill® papers, prices may range from $9.99-$36.99 due to the wide variety of options and quality. W.B. Mason always works to provide low prices for all your favorite brands and products, including Hammermill® paper.

What is the quality of Hammermill® paper like?

In comparison to other paper companies, Hammermill® uses only the best materials for their paper products. What makes a case of Hammermill® paper better than their competitors is the quality of their paper, and the process behind the scenes, before you use it for printing. To achieve the best kind of paper, Hammermill® scientists perform over 1,000 tests per day to ensure the premium quality, as well as the performance and appearance before you purchase it.

Shop Hammermill® paper from W.B. Mason

W.B. Mason offers a wide range of Hammermillx® paper products, like copy paper, multipurpose paper, and specialty paper for all the projects and printing needs you have for great prices. Start an account today to shop Hammermill®, and W.B. Mason will deliver straight to your front door, place of business, or office.

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