Multiport Docking Stations Transform your laptop into a multipurpose workstation with a Tripp Lite by Eaton docking station.
Eaton Tripp Lite Series SmartPro® UPS Systems We took our popular 2U rack/tower line-interactive UPS and gave it an upgrade. Introducing Eaton Tripp Lite Series SmartPro UPS systems. Enhanced models have longer runtimes, higher power factor, and support for up to four external battery packs.

What is Tripp Lite?

Tripp Lite by Eaton is a manufacturing company that makes products to power and connect computers and other types electrical devices. Connecting these devices to the larger digital world can help people stay productive at work. Technology and equipment of all kinds whether in the office, at home or out on the field will have high quality connection and service for a long period of time. Some of these products can also help minimize common productivity issues employees might face. Tripp Lite’s products are very reliable in today’s digitized world and can be critical to many lines of work that need continuous power, connection, and stability.

What kinds of products does Tripp Lite sell?

Tripp Lite by Eaton manufactures surge protectors, battery backups, multiple types of power strips, USB hubs, monitor risers and arms, and so much more. Some of their most popular items are:

  • Monitor risers
  • A 7 outlet-surge strip
  • Wall mounts
  • Multiple port USB hubs
  • USB to Lightning Cables

What kinds of businesses benefit from Tripp Lite products?

Any business or company that benefits from the use of technology in any form would benefit from Tripp Lite’s products. Not only do traditional offices and corporations need power cables, networking devices, and mounts for their technology, but places like schools and colleges, medical buildings, and city transportation services and systems greatly benefit from these products as well. Tripp Lite by Eaton products also help keep traffic lights working and come in handy during harsh winter storms and other dangerous situations.

These products are used around the world to help the production of infrastructure like roads and buildings, and all of the repairs that are done on them. These devices and accessories that help technology working properly are essential in this day in age, as everything around us is powered by technological networks and computers.

What is the company history?

The Tripp Lite company was founded by Graham Trippe in 1922 after he invented the vehicle headlight which was used for better visibility while driving at night. Later on in the 50s, the company began producing warning lights for emergency vehicles as well as air conditioning power inside of ambulances. After widening their product offerings, Tripp Lite then took advantage of the invention of desktop and personal computers in the 80s and invented the first uninterruptible power supply, also known as UPS system for desktop computers. Surge protectors were next, which provided the best connection for home and office technology. After the Internet was invented and people began relying on computers more and more, Tripp Lite began improving their UPS systems and expanding their product line to fit the needs of the American workforce.

More recently, the company began developing solutions to better help the healthcare community with medical-grade power strips, digital UPS models, and all sorts of things to enhance the medical field. Presently, Tripp Lite has been centralizing the IT functions to improve networks and provide solutions for the technology gap within different fields of work. Tripp Lite has always been focused on responding and recognizing that when the world changes, technology needs to change and adapt for what people need. This company has been developing products that have been improving the lives of many for over 100 years.

Since 2021, Tripp Lite has been a part of the Eaton Corporation, which is an American Irish power management company. The attainment of Tripp Lite has increased business for both the benefit of both companies and will only continue to rise.

Where are Tripp Lite products made?

The products are made and manufactured in Chicago, Illinois which is also the location of the Tripp Lite by Eaton headquarters. The address of the corporate office is 1111 West 35th Street, Chicago, Illinois. Employing over 450 people, Tripp Lite by Eaton continues to produce and manufacture more and more products to help their customers adapt to the everchanging technological world.

Does Tripp Lite have any sustainability initiatives?

With the help of their parent company, Tripp Lite by Eaton is dedicated to sustainability and minimizing the impact their products, packaging, and manufacturing processes have on the environment. The sustainability policy that the company has in place states that the company strives to use natural resources in a responsible manner, which helps reduce the amount of waste and materials they use. Tripp Lite by Eaton actively recycles all types of material responsibly and uses recycled material for the packaging of their products. They only print important documents in order to save paper and make it clear to consumers which parts of their products are recyclable, in hopes they will be recycled when the time comes.

Where to Buy Tripp-Lite Products

Tripp Lite by Eaton products can be found mostly online and from many major retailers who sell other types of IT supplies and products. W.B. Mason offers a wide variety of Tripp Lite by Eaton products that can be used in many different industries and lines of work. The Tripp Lite by Eaton brand is recognizable, and their products are known for being helpful to many people. W.B. Mason has low discounted prices on all Tripp Lite by Eaton products and are easy to find online.

Does Tripp Lite offer warranties?

Tripp Lite by Eaton offers many different types and lengths of warranties based on the product purchased and the country in which it was purchased. The specific warranty is included in the manual of the specific product that was purchased.

Tripp Lite products from W.B. Mason

W.B. Mason has everything your company needs in terms of monitor risers, USB hubs and cables, and so much more when it comes to networking equipment and devices. With fast delivery services, W.B. Mason can deliver your order as soon as the next business day which can save your business time and money.


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