Epson® Workplace Solutions

Epson Document Scanners for Business Imaging Solutions Built for Reliability and Ease-of-Use
Award-winning imaging solutions that capture data safely and accurately, helping small and medium businesses cut costs and optimize business workflows.
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Epson Corporate Business Projectors Epson projectors provide big, ultra-wide immersive displays that deliver an experience typical flat panels can't. shop now
Epson Business Inkjet Printers Epson's line of exceptional office printers are designed to set the new standard for image quality, productivity, affordability, and the environmental benefit of low energy consumption. shop now
Epson Ink Get better results on all of your projects, big and small, with long-lasting inks developed for any Epson printer. shop now
Epson Media Rely on high-quality Epson paper for nearly all sizes or types of print projects, including documents, fade-resistant photos, presentations, signage, and more. shop now
Epson® Business Inkjet | Desktop Printer Portfolio Epson’s desktop printer portfolio offers simple, smart and clean solutions for a variety of business applications. Engineered for productivity, these printers feature PrecisionCore Heat-Free® technology, fast first page out with zero warmup time, high-yield ink and a variety of environmental benefits.
Epson Commercial Scanners | That's Better Business, Baby Have you heard? Epson scanners are the MVP of business productivity with easy third-party software integration, fast speeds and a 3-year limited warranty.
Commercial Projectors | Displays for Modern Meeting Rooms Experience collaboration without compromise. Designed for modern meeting rooms, Epson commercial projectors bridge the gap between in-person and virtual meetings by displaying scalable, ultra wide images that help maximize productivity.

What kinds of products does Epson make?

Epson is a well-known electronics brand that sells multiple pieces of office technology to help make tasks easier during your busy workday. Some products that Epson makes includes inkjet printers, different kinds of paper, multi-function machines, ink and toner cartridges, and projector accessories. Epson has everything you need when it comes to printing and scanning with all the accessories as well.

Where can I buy Epson products?

You can buy Epson products at most major technology retailers, stores that sell office supplies, or online through W.B. Mason. W.B. Mason is home to hundreds of Epson products and accessories that you need for your business with discounted low prices and fast delivery straight to your office.

Is Epson a good brand?

The Epson brand is known for being a reliable, and versatile brand, and is one of the world’s largest manufacturers for multiple types of printers, paper, and other related printing equipment. The Epson company focuses on customer value, the environmental impact of their products, and strives for excellency through improvement of their products and collaboration with others.

Does Epson produce environmentally friendly products?

Epson produces many products that are environmentally friendly, such as printers and scanners that use heat-free technology, eco tank cartridge-free printers, and projectors that uses a low power consumption. One of the company’s pillars include being conscious about the planet by finding new ways to create products that use the lowest amount of energy, minimizes waste, reduces the company’s carbon footprint, among others. Epson also makes it a priority to reuse, refurbish, recycle and repair used products to get the most use out of them as possible. In addition to a warranty, Epson offers extended service plans in hopes that their customers will use the product for a longer period of time. Some of their environmentally friendly products are available from W.B. Mason including recycled ink and remanufactured ink cartridges and 6,000-20,000-hour light bulbs for projectors.

Where are Epson products made?

Epson has headquarters in both Tokyo, Japan and in Los Alamitos, California with offices, plants, and facilities in various places around the world. The company employs over 79,000 people and sells products internationally.

The American headquarter office in California is located at 3131 Katella Ave, Los Alamitos, CA and was announced as a regional headquarter for the United States, Canada, and Latin America in 2019. Later known as Epson America, this office is home to a team of executives that work closely with the company officials in Japan.

Products are produced and manufactured in plants and facilities in Japan and in other facilities worldwide. Epson has offices in many different countries and services customers all over the world.

Is Epson an American company?

Epson is a Japanese company that was founded in 1942 but has a regional headquarters located in the United States with corporate executives. Both the Japanese and American offices work together to service as many customers as possible in many parts of the world.

Why should I choose Epson for my business needs?

Epson products are a great computer printer and electronics option for your business for many different reasons. They have a variety of products that fit into all types of industries such as schools, businesses, medical offices, and hospitals, and more. The environmentally friendly products and the brand’s vision for cutting their environmental impact is a great reason to choose Epson.

Their extended service plans and warranties bring peace of mind and security to business owners and managers, that if anything happens to their equipment, the service plan can cover the repairs. Their plans are custom to your needs and budget to ensure quality customer service. Similar to upgrading your office furniture, purchasing good quality printing and image-related equipment for your business is very important, since most businesses and offices use the printer or scanner every day. If you are in the market for some new printing-related equipment, be sure to check out Epson for your business.

How long is Epson's warranty?

Epson’s warranties and service plans are available for purchase in one-year increments. The flexibility of a one-year increment is a great way for customers to save money, and not waste hundreds of dollars for a long-term plan that they may not use. The plans offer return repairs, next day exchanges, on-site repair, and on-site installation depending on the products you have covered. The Epson company values their customers and with these customized service plans, brings peace of mind to all who purchase them.

Epson products from W.B. Mason

The next time you are wondering where to buy Epson products, think no further than W.B. Mason. W.B. Mason offers a wide range of Epson products, such as ink and toner cartridges, printers and scanners, multi-function machines, paper, accessories and more. With discounted low prices and fast delivery services, you can have products by Epson at your place of business as soon as the next day.


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