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Our Values

01 - Craftsmanship & Quality Products are made with intentionality and bound with purpose.
02 - Innovation From the invention of the bandless envelope to premium filing solutions, Smead continues to evolve its products for the modern worker.
03 - Heritage Family-owned and operated through four generations.

Who is Smead?

Established in 1906, the Smead company has been the industry leader in file manufacturing in the United States for the last 100 years. From the invention of the band-less envelope to premium filing solutions, Smead leads with innovation to create authentic products and solutions for the modern worker.

What products does Smead make?

Smead makes products to help your office stay organized and on top of your work. From desk organization to professional presentation supplies, Smead has it all. Here is a list of Smead products that can help make your life easier:

  • Envelopes
  • File folders
  • Expanding folders
  • Pocket folders
  • Labels
  • Dividers
  • Index cards
  • Presentation books
  • Report covers

Where are Smead products made?

Smead office products are made in the United States, and the headquarters are located in Hastings, Minnesota. Smead manufacturing locations include Cedar City, UT, Logan, OH, and Florence, SC where over 1,500 Smead products are manufactured by employees in the United States. Products are made in these cities and shipped worldwide to help millions stay organized and manage important documents. To buy Smead products that are made in the United States, look for the “Made in USA” logo when shopping.

Does Smead offer environmentally friendly products?

The Smead company offers a variety of environmentally friendly products made from 100% recycled material such as report covers, manilla file folders, reinforced files, and even the boxes that products are shipped in. Besides taking pride in its mission of keeping its customers organized, Smead also values the earth by manufacturing these recycled products into new items. By selecting paper suppliers who practice Sustainable Forest Initiative requirements, Smead ensures that materials used in Smead products are harvested from tree farms, not old-growth forests. W.B. Mason offers many recycled Smead products that will help your business stay organized and do your part in making the planet a little greener.

How can you use Smead products?

Smead Manufacturing produces file folders, labels, and other office supplies to keep you, your employees, and all of your files and valuable information organized and grouped the way you want. Smead supplies are perfect for all industries, such as healthcare, education, restaurants, government, and business. Smead products are helpful for record-keeping, organizing health documents, and bills, and keeping other types of important papers safe. If you are a teacher, adding products from Smead to your list of school supplies will help make organizing lesson plans, student information, and grades easier, and can be customized with labels to make sure every file has its own place in your storage file cabinet.

When was Smead founded?

Smead was founded in 1906 by Charles Smead who created the Band-less File which revolutionized how people stay organized at work. Now over one hundred years later, Smead produces thousands of products and supplies to help people all over the world stay organized in the business world and beyond.

How many employees does Smead have?

The Smead company employs just under four hundred people, where the majority work at the headquarters office in Hastings, Minnesota. Smead and their employees take pride in the company's values. As a woman-owned company, they are loyal, dedicated, and respectful to all customers that share a similar goal in keeping you organized.

How can Smead products help your business?

Smead is a multi-faceted brand always looking to offer products to enhance everyday life. Smead's continued commitment to quality, craftsmanship, and innovation led to the transformational acquisition of trend-forward stationery and office products company U Brands. As a multi-brand company, the distinct style and passion allow for a diversified product portfolio. The brands collectively span 13 categories: presentation boards, writing, desk organization, fashion filing, dry-erase markers, office tools, and other accessories. Smead and U Brands remain rooted in their continued commitment to employees, customers, and community while delivering best-in-class office supplies for every home or office space.

Who sells Smead products?

Smead products are available for purchase online or at most major retailers that sell office supplies and office technology. For an easier and more convenient shopping experience, businesses can buy Smead products online from W.B. Mason. W.B. Mason offers low discounted prices and with fast delivery services to make buying Smead organization products hassle-free. Use Smead folders and files to keep your important documents organized and your desk clutter-free. Accessories like labels, folder jackets, and file pockets make staying organized easy with a wide variety to choose from. Shop recycled Smead products from W.B. Mason as well, to help reduce your business's carbon footprint.


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