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What are automotive dealer supplies?

Automotive dealer supplies are items that car dealerships, mechanics, or auto body shops use to keep their businesses running smoothly. Just like any other industry, the car and autobody industry needs supplies and products to keep their customers happy. In addition, they also want to make sure their customers have a great experience and that their employees are comfortable and safe. Auto supplies can range from basic office supplies like pens, folders, and computers to keep information safe, to cleaning supplies like cloths and floor mats and parking lot decorations to advertise a sale.

What supplies does an automotive dealer need?

Car dealerships and autobody shops need lots of supplies to keep their businesses running efficiently. Areas within a car dealership that would need supplies include the front desk, the waiting room, the car lot, and the auto body service garage. Each of these areas need to be equipped with the right supplies so that the dealership can run efficiently and keep everyone happy, comfortable, and safe on the premises. Some examples of automotive supplies you might find at a car dealership would be:

  • Supplies for administration:
    • Envelopes and mail supplies
    • File folders
    • Forms and labels
    • Specialty paper
  • Supplies for auto service:
    • Cleaners
    • Floor mats
    • Job time tickets
    • Soaps and sorbents
    • Wipers
  • Supplies for car sales:
    • Air dancers
    • Bows
    • License plate accessories
    • Magnets
    • Parking lot decorations
  • Supplies for customers:
    • Coffee and coffee supplies
    • Coloring books and children’s entertainment
    • Snacks and Candy

Why are automotive dealer supplies important?

Automotive dealer supplies are important for the business to be and look professional when someone is purchasing a vehicle or getting maintenance done. Buying a car is a very big decision, and dealership supplies such as fun parking lot decorations and entertainment in the waiting room can make it more comfortable for the customer and help make buying a car a great experience. If a customer is getting service done on their vehicle and needs to wait for it, having things such as toys, and snacks for children along with comfortable seating gives the dealership a high level of customer service and shows that the business cares about their customers.

Where can you buy automotive dealer supplies?

Automotive dealer supplies can be found where car parts are sold, along with some retailers. The variety of products sold can be limited, and stores may not carry everything you need to equip your business. The next time you are wondering where to find car dealer supplies near you, think no further than W.B. Mason. We have everything you need for your dealership or auto body shop at discounted low prices to ensure that your business stays organized, efficient and safe, leaving customers feeling happy. W.B. Mason also offers fast delivery of all products with our G.O.L.D. Star Delivery service. After your order is placed, it will arrive as soon as the next day so that you don’t have to leave work to find supplies.

How much do automotive supplies cost?

Just like purchasing new office technology, automotive supplies can be pricy. Buying supplies in bulk is a great way to save on time and money on everything you need to keep up with the influx of business. Buying most auto dealership supplies in bulk is also a great way to stock up for a busy time of year or to just limit your time shopping for items you use every day. W.B. Mason has great deals and low prices on all your favorite brands and allows you to save time and money on everything you need with our delivery services. Get what you need as soon as the next day to ensure that your business is running efficiently.

How can you get the best prices on automotive dealership supplies?

Getting the best price on auto dealer supplies doesn’t have to be difficult, and you don’t need to go searching at multiple stores to find what you need. W.B. Mason has hundreds of products to equip your car dealership or auto body shop with everything you need from inside the waiting room to outside in the parking lot. Shopping in bulk on everyday items is a great way to get the best prices and to save time and money. For larger priced items, shopping for quality over quantity is key and will save you from replacing things such as office furniture or computers every few years.

What popular brands does W.B. Mason carry?

W.B. Mason has all of your favorite brands when it comes to automotive dealer supplies. We carry brands for all aspects of the dealership or auto body shop including Auto Supplies, Ergodyne, Keurig, Versa-Tags, as well as a wide variety of facility maintenance supplies to keep your dealership fully stocked. W.B. Mason is your one and only automotive dealer supply company which offers fast delivery services and discounted low prices on all your auto dealer supply needs.


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