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Where to buy paper?

Paper is used by professionals and people of all ages for everyday use around the world and is practically essential for doing business. While some varieties of paper are available at drugstores and grocery stores if you are in a pinch, for convenience and for more variety, paper supply of all kinds are available at paper stores and online from W.B. Mason. The next time you search "paper supplies near me” and your local pharmacy comes up, look into what W.B. Mason has to offer instead, as we supply all different types of paper in a variety of sizes. We also offer fast delivery and low discounted prices for any amounts of paper or paper supplies that you need.

How is paper made?

We all know that paper is made from trees, but what's surprising is the number of steps it takes to get from tree trunk, to paper, to you. Making paper is a long and difficult process, but shopping for paper doesn't have to be! Here are some of the steps that are necessary in creating the paper that we use daily:

  1. Harvesting the wood from the trees
  2. Stripping the wood of the bark
  3. Chipping the wood into smaller pieces
  4. Pulping the small pieces and depositing them into boiling water
  5. The boiling water mixes with the wood to create paper pulp
  6. Drying: this solidifies the structure
  7. Structure goes through a pressing unit which gives the paper its block structure and form
  8. The paper is treated with a starch solution to avoid excessive ink absorption
  9. Cutting the block into reams/individual sheets of paper

Along with physically making the paper, packaging it is another process. After each reel (block) gets cut into individual sheets (reams), it's time to package it up and ship it to you! Reams of copy paper are organized into the standard 500 sheets of paper, while colored paper and index cards are packaged depending on the number of sheets. Paper of all types are available in bulk from W.B. Mason, to ensure that your business gets what it needs to run efficiently.

What sizes are available?

Paper comes in many different sizes and can be used for a variety of things. For example, copy paper is 8.5" x 11" because it needs to fit into printers. Index cards are typically 3" x 5", but also come in different sizes, and construction paper can be all different sizes depending on what you need it for. The size of paper typically depends on what the paper is being used for. For example, there are four common printer paper sizes that are used in the United States:

  • Junior legal size: 8 x 5 inches: typically used in the legal field
  • Legal size: 8.5 x 14 inches: typically used in the legal field
  • Letter size: 8.5 x 11 inches: typically used in academic or for business purposes
  • Tabloid size: 11 x 17 inches: typically used to print newspapers and tabloids

What are the different types of paper?

When most people refer to paper, they often think of office paper or printer paper. But that's not the only type of paper. W.B. Mason offers everything from copy paper to notebooks and index cards, to stationery and graph paper, and colored paper for arts and crafts. Even though technology is taking over the world, every profession or field of work needs some type of paper to do business. Whether you need restaurant supplies such as paper for printing receipts or writing down orders or are in childcare and need paper for arts and crafts, paper is essential in every line of work.

What kind of paper do I need?

There are lots of factors to consider when thinking about the types of paper that you need. First, it depends on what you are doing with the paper and the purpose of it. Are you graphing or need grids for math class? Are you a college student looking for a notebook or loose-leaf paper? Or are you searching for paper that is suitable for a legal document?

It also depends on your profession. Artists and architects are going to need different types of paper than teachers and lawyers, and college students need different types compared to younger school aged children. The type of paper you use also depends on the ink you are going to use on it.

W.B. Mason offers all kinds of paper for different uses so that you can be successful in anything that you do. Here are types of paper that are available:

  • Printer paper
  • Construction paper
  • Index paper
  • Graphing paper
  • Notebooks and writing pads of all kinds
  • Loose-leaf paper
  • Cardstock
  • Receipt paper
  • Greeting cards
  • Photo paper
  • Legal sized paper
  • Specialty paper for restaurant menus

How much paper do I need?

When you determine the type and size of paper that you need, you can then figure out how much you need. With W.B. Mason as your paper supplier, you can buy paper in small quantities or large quantities. Most businesses and schools buy bulk paper because it's more convenient and can be cheaper in the long run, whereas college students or families only need a few notebooks or reams at a time. Businesses of all kinds can combine their office supply and paper needs with W.B. Mason and save money today.

How to get the best pricing on paper?

Purchasing anything in bulk is usually cheaper and more environmentally friendly, including paper. Just like buying snacks or breakroom supplies, buying paper in bulk also saves you time and money, as it limits the amount of time you are shopping. For the best pricing on paper, W.B. Mason offers low discounted prices as well as fast and convenient shipping straight to your place of business.

Paper from W.B. Mason

Get everything paper related from W.B. Mason and get fast delivery and discounted low prices everyday with products for the office, arts and crafts, and legal documents. Count on W.B. Mason to be your paper product supplier to have everything your business or office needs in terms of paper.


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