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What is facility maintenance?

Facility maintenance is work that ensures all parts of a facility, building or any type of structure is operating correctly and safely. It is a branch of facility management, where maintaining different aspects of the building and making sure everything is up to code and is safe for others to be in is top priority. There is an abundance of facility maintenance equipment and supplies needed for this essential job, and W.B. Mason is your one stop shop.

What are facility supplies?

Facility maintenance supplies are products that are needed for general upkeep of equipment, and to keep all rooms clean in different types of buildings. Some maintenance facility supplies examples would be items such as cleaners and disinfectants, bathroom products, trash and recycling bins, liners, and so much more. For an example, just like a classroom is equipped with school supplies, the school as a whole needs to be equipped with all types of maintenance supplies to keep everyone safe, clean, and secure throughout the day.

What supplies do you need for facility maintenance?

Depending on the industry and what the building needs in terms of supplies, you might need a variety of things for facility maintenance. The essentials for any type of building that houses a business, or an organization where people are coming and going would be things like:

  • Cleaning products such as bleach, disinfectant sprays, all-purpose cleaners, and soap.
  • Facility cleaning equipment such as mops, vacuums, and accessories.
  • Bathroom products like toilet paper and paper towels, feminine hygiene, hand soap, and toilet seat covers.
  • General maintenance items like rubber gloves, hardware tape, and batteries.
  • Trash and recycling products like trash bins, trash liners, and recycle bins.

W.B. Mason has everything you need for your office, industrial park, retail, hospital, school, or restaurant maintenance supply needs with low prices and fast delivery service.

Do you need facility maintenance equipment as well as supplies?

Having both maintenance equipment and maintenance supplies is key to ensure that your business stays up to code and supplied with the right products to keep everyone safe and healthy. Maintenance equipment is used to prevent machines from breaking down or developing an issue that could cause injury or increase the risk of safety for individuals that are around the machine. Maintenance equipment is also used to make sure things such as air conditioning and heating systems are working properly throughout the year.

What is considered maintenance equipment?

Maintenance equipment can be things such as safety equipment, security technology, dollies and carts, and any type of tool that would be of help during maintenance jobs. It is important to have both maintenance equipment and supplies in any sort of building to have the necessary items in case something breaks or isn’t working properly.

What are the types of equipment?

Based on the industry or the type of building you are supplying maintenance equipment for, there are different kinds of maintenance equipment that you need. Some examples based on industry are:

School: Maintenance equipment for schools can be things like generators and electrical components, which are used to keep the school up and running. Additional things such as air conditioning units and heating equipment like boilers are to ensure that the individuals in the buildings are staying cool or warm depending on the season. Anything a janitor or custodian uses during or after the school day is considered maintenance equipment as well.

Office: Just like school buildings, generators, electrical, and heating and cooling equipment is necessary for office buildings. Other than that, if the office has a warehouse used to store products, there also needs to be things like pallet racks, hoists, carts and dollies, and truck accessories to move the products from the warehouse to the vehicles used to deliver them. These pieces of equipment keep individuals safe while doing dangerous jobs.

Hosptial: Similar to the past two types of industries, hospitals need those types of equipment to maintain the facility as well. Along with that, they also need equipment to sterilize medical tools, as well as equipment used in procedures and to monitor patients during their time in the hospital.

Retail: Including the same common pieces of equipment mentioned above, retail buildings also need maintenance equipment such as refrigerators and freezers for supermarkets as well as large storage shelves for products and items for sale.

Restaurant: Refrigerators, freezers, ovens, and other restaurant supplies are commonly included maintenance equipment, along with air circulation and electrical equipment. POS systems, also known as the technology used to communicate between the front of the house and the back of the house in a restaurant is also considered maintenance equipment. If something happens to the POS system, it needs to be fixed so the restaurant can continue running smoothly.

What are the basic facility maintenance supplies and equipment will I need?

For whatever kind of building you are maintaining, there are a few essential basic needs that no matter the industry, will help you keep the building clean, safe, and running smoothly. Here are some basic products that every building should be equipped with:

  • Cleaning products
  • Bathroom and hygiene essentials
  • Trash bins and liners
  • Mops and floor cleaner
  • Paper towels
  • Gloves and other personal protective equipment
  • General hardware tools

How much supply and equipment will I need to maintain a facility?

Buying cleaning products and most of the maintenance supplies you will need to maintain your facility in bulk is a great way to stay on top of the needs of the building. Things that need to be replaced once you run out are cheaper to buy in bulk which saves you time and money on things you are always going to need. On products you won’t need to often replace such as carts and dollies, hardware tools, and material handling equipment, it’s better to purchase quality over quantity. W.B. Mason has reliable brands you can trust to do the job right, and to keep everyone in your facility safe and clean.

Where can I find facility maintenance supplies and equipment?

The next time you find yourself searching for facility maintenance supplies and equipment near you, think no further than browsing through W.B. Mason’s extensive list of quality maintenance supply and equipment products. With great brands to choose from at amazing prices, we have everything and more for all your facility maintenance needs. We also offer fast and convenient delivery services, leaving no need to step foot into a store and deal with long lines.

Facility Maintenance Supplies at W.B. Mason

With great discounted low prices and fast delivery services, W.B. Mason has all your bulk facility maintenance needs from cleaners and hand sanitizer, to paper towels and toilet paper. Simply create an account and start shopping!


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